R&B Singer Brandy Hospitalized, Days After Brother Ray J Shared Concerning Message

R&B family The Norwoods are going through it this week. Brandy and her brother Ray J are no strangers to drama and being in the headlines. However, things got scary this week as the two seem to be suffering some real health issues. Let’s unpack what is going on and what may have landed Brandy in the hospital earlier this week. 

Things kicked off with Ray J contemplating taking his own life live on social media. The scary ordeal came after weeks of Ray J battling it out on social media with Kim Kardashian and her family in an attempt to expose them for their involvement in the tape that made him and Kim household names. After Kris Jenner spent years alleging she had no hands in the release of the tape, Ray J finally revealed proof that she was the mastermind behind it. But even with proof and clearing his name, the entrepreneur/singer had enough and wanted out.

Ray J sat atop a tall building threatening to jump. “SHOULD I JUST JUMP off and end it rit [sic]. Now!!! ????” he captioned the video, which he quickly deleted afterward. He asked fans, “If I die tonight,” before proclaiming that he’s only around for his kids. His estranged wife, Princess Love, had to literally talk him off the ledge, and it’s reported the two were on vacation. 

A source close to Ray J claims that he considered issuing an apology and explanation but decided against it after and was “being vague.” The incident troubled those close to him, as his sister. Brandy jumped in the comments to say, “Need you bro @rayj 🙏🏽.”

Brandy has been fighting her own issues for years now and has also displayed a history of sadness and mental illness. The Moesha star began showing signs of depression following the death of her mentor and friend, Whitney Houston. Whitney played Brandy’s fairy godmother in the 1998 Cinderella film. The singer would pass on Brandy’s birthday in 2012. 

Brandy would go on to suffer a series of other personal and professional losses that hit hard over the years. From her failed engagements with Ryan Press and Sir the Baptist to a bitter legal battle with her former label, Chameleon Records. The Breyon Prescott run label shelved Brandy’s 7th studio album in 2016 following the release of her single “Begging and Pleading.” She would eventually get out of the deal but fans noted that her weight had ballooned over the years and she began dressing weird and acting strange. She even came for former collaborator Monica online in some unprovoked spats.

In 2020, she opened up about her depression. While speaking with Tamron Hall, she admitted that she once contemplated suicide as well and struggled for years in silence. “I think it’s important for me as an artist, as a vessel to use my music as a way to tell my story,” Brandy said. “And I feel like there are so many people out there who go through their own things, their own issues, and when they see someone like me open up, they can feel like they’re not alone.”

Norwood would find hope and inspiration in her daughter Sy’rai. The budding R&B offspring struggled for years with her weight and public image, but in recent years has turned it around with a positive outlook and healthy changes. She has been cultivating a growing fanbase online thanks to her beautiful voice, reminiscent of her mother’s ’90s flair and vibrato.  Brandy thanked her daughter for keeping her inspired, saying, “She really doesn’t understand how many times she has saved me. So many moments when I felt like giving up, she has been the reason why I’m still here today and I’m still doing what I’m doing. She’s everything to me, she’s my world.”

Unfortunately, Brandy’s health issues recently took a turn, and the singer was reportedly hospitalized following a series of seizures just days after her brother threatened to take his life. According to TMZ, “#Brandy is recovering in a Los Angeles hospital after having a medical scare at her home. Sources reportedly told the publication that the singer possibly suffered a seizure.”

Brandy reportedly had a similar episode in 2017 on a flight, where she passed out and had to be rushed to a hospital then as well. Fans are concerned and sending her well wishes, saying, “What’s going on😢💔 Praying for her and her family, my goodness.”

She took to her IG story to thank friends and family for their support and said she was getting rest according to the doctor’s orders. She was reportedly dehydrated and low on nutrients. See her complete statement below. 

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