R&B Singer Ginuwine Reveals The One Woman Who Is His ‘Forever Crush’

Ginuwine is out to prove that he’s the “Same Ol’ G.” The R&B singer has been single for some time now and is “So Anxious” to make a certain woman, who he deems his forever crush, his next number one (off the charts). Who might that be, you ask? None other than reality star and television personality Claudia Jordan.

Ginuwine, born Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, took the scene by storm when he released “Pony” in 1996 from his debut album Ginuwine… The Bachelor. Quickly, rumors arose that he was dating R&B singer Aaliyah, with whom he did have a close relationship. However, both denied the rumors in past interviews and maintained their relationship was strictly a friendship.   Another rumored relationship that Ginuwine faced was with actress LisaRaye McCoy, who starred in his music video for the single “Last Chance.” However, that rumor was too debunked by the singer in interviews. It is interesting to note that he was also married at the time. 

Ginuwine’s most widely known relationship was with rapper Sole’, whose real name is Tonya Michelle JohnstonTheir love story began in 1999 when they began to date months after their first meeting. The following year, the couple became engaged and began to build their family. After sharing two children together, they got married in 2003. But in 2014, it was announced that they were undergoing a separation. The following year, their divorce was finalized.

It’s unclear how many relationships Ginuwine entered into following his divorce. Still, he started dating his Celebrity Big Brother co-star Ashley James in 2018. However, that was a short-lived romance. But Ginuwine recently shared a picture with former Celebrity Apprentice and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan on his Instagram, revealing that she is his “crush forever and ever.”

Unfortunately for Ginuwine, Claudia Jordan is already jumping on somebody else’s “Pony.” The reality star has been dating realtor Kendall “Kj” Dismute for the past three years. However, she wrote in Ginuwine’s comments that he will always have her support while addressing him as “my friend.” In addition, Jordan wrote, “But don’t be too nice to me in your captions ’cause your female fans are gonna hate me more than they already do!”

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