R&B Singer Keyshia Cole and Red By Kiss Launch Hair Bonnet Collaboration

Keyshia Cole is considered a trailblazer by many. The Oakland native has been in the music industry since very young, studying under some of the most successful acts of all time. From MC Hammer to Tupac Shakur, Keyshia Cole would go on to have her own breakout success in the early ’00s. She helped restore interest in R&B music during a lull in the genre and was one of the first acts to take their life to the small screen with her reality show Keyshia Cole: The Way it Is on BET. Is her latest business endeavor in the haircare world going to be another trendsetting move?

Keyshia Cole is trending on social media after a casual exchange between friends made people realize that the “I Should of Cheated” singer is selling silk hair bonnets. After one person asked his Twitter followers if anyone needed something from the beauty supply store, someone responded, asking him to bring back a silk bonnet. That is when he discovered Keyshia Cole’s collection of bonnets with hair company Silky Stylez. “You want the Keyshia Cole one ??” he asked.

Many fans seem shocked to see Keyshia in their local hair supply stores, but one fan thinks it makes a lot of sense considering Keyshia’s target audience. “Keyshia Cole having a bonnet line is probably the best example of knowing your impact in the marketplace.” The brand announced their partnership in 2021 with a photoshoot and commercial starring the singer titled “Red Silky Stylez X Keyshia Cole – Wide Edge Silky Braid Bonnet!” In it, you see an excited Keyshia in hair and makeup and posing it up for the cameras.

Red By Kiss is the parent company behind it all, and Keyshia is not their only celebrity endorsement. Over on their website, Shad Moss, aka Lil Bow Wow, is seen modeling a series of durags. He also sells a line of hair-twisting brushes and accessories. Keyshia’s bonnets retail on the site for $9.99 and come in a variety of colors and styles, including the Diamond Bling Braid Bonnet. They recently ran a special for fans on their IG with Keyshia’s products from and center. What are your thoughts on her business endeavor?

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