R&B Singer Keyshia Cole Reveals She’s Taking A Break From Music

R&B singer Keyshia Cole might be stepping away from the microphone, much to fans’ dismay. The bay area beauty has been holding it down on the music front for decades now, lacing fans with hood classics. Her last release was 2021’s “I Don’t Wanna be in Love,” but she has been in the studio prepping new content. Unfortunately, she won’t be back in anytime soon, according to a new post.

Keyshia has been in the news the last few days following her removing her son from Kanye West’s Donda Academy. She announced back in October that she had plans for her son to enroll in Ye’s school but took him out after he posted a Tweet telling Lil Boosie he was “back to shoot up the school.” In her own Tweet, Cole said, “I took my DJ out of Donda sadly after ye said he was back to shoot the school up, that scared me a bit.” One fan responded, “Damn. I’m sorry to hear this. He’s so brilliant but obviously some other stuff going on with him. The idea of the school was dope in theory.” Cole and West collaborated on her breakout single “I Changed My Mind.”

Cole was quick to shift the focus back to her working in the studio. Her following Tweet was a picture of her working with the caption, “Wondering what I’m gonna come up with today in the studio .” She posed in a fuzzy hat and white outfit while holding her phone.

Over on Instagram, she shared the same photo but with a slightly different caption. This time she alerted fans to her plans to take a break from working following being “locked in the studio for four days.” “Been great, but really need to dive deeply into the script, so I’m gonna say goodbye to the music for a tad bit…Atlanta, y’all will be seeing me for a month 1/2 straight .”

Keyshia Cole announces she’s taking a break from music.

She does not mention what film she’s doing, and her IMDB does not list any upcoming projects. Fans wanting new music need not fret; Cole says she is planning to do some features in the meantime until she’s done shooting.

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