R&B Singer Monica Has Finally Moved On From Corey Miller, But Many People Thinks She’s Dating Another Rapper

R&B singer Monica knows a thing or two about love. From her heartbreaking ballads to her uplifting club records, love is the center of all her music. It is also the center of her life, and the now single mother of three has had a few relationships over the years that have inspired some of her biggest hits. While her recent divorce meant she was free to rekindle an old flame, some fans believe Monica has completely moved on to a whole new love. 

Monica came into the industry very young. At only 12 years old, she signed her first deal with Rowdy Records and was making songs with hitmaker Dallas Austin. Despite not even having her first kiss yet, Monica was singing very mature records about heartbreak and compromise, scoring her several hits over the course of her debut Miss Thang including “Don’t Take it Personal,” “Before You Walk Out My Life,” and “Why I Love You So Much.” 

In real life, Monica was dying to finally get a taste of what she had been singing about. Rumors of her crushing on Tupac and even camping outside of the studio to meet him have come up over the years. However, the rapper to come in and swoop Monica off her feet early was Master P’s brother C-Murder. The pair were reportedly introduced in the mid-90s by Foxy Brown. Murder is ten years older than Monica, and it’s unclear if they began dating when she was underage. Unfortunately, with his murder trial in 1999, Murder ended up being sentenced to life in jail, forcing Monica to move on. 

Her second relationship would be deeply traumatic and define Monica for the next phases of her career. Her relationship with Jarvis Weems slowed her career down substantially, and she tried to help him through depression and mental illness. Unfortunately, Weems would take his life in 2000, shooting himself in the head while Monica was present with him in the car. The situation derailed her career and forced the label to hold off on her album. All Eyez on Me, which would eventually be repackaged as After The Storm. 

By the mid-2000s, Monica was settling into family life and had begun having children with another rapper boo, Rodney “Rocko” Hill. They began dating the same year Weems died and had two children and two failed engagements before ending their union in 2010. Their relationship was covered in Monica’s BET series Monica: Still Standing. Her kids with Rocko are Rodney Hill Jr. and Romelo Montez Hill. 

While doing promotion for her album Still Standing, a newly single Monica would meet her now ex-husband Shannon Brown. They two played on-air love interest in her video for “Love All Over Me.” They would wed in the video and eventually in real life too. They welcomed a daughter, Laiyah Shannon. The duo spent eight years together before calling it quits in October 2019. While it is unclear what happened, Shannon has severely let himself go over the years while Monica has fought very hard to keep up appearances. She confessed that she and her kids lived in hotels for a while until she got them settled. 

During this time, it appears Monica began reconnecting with C-Murder. She frequently posted pictures of herself visiting him in jail and defended herself from fans who kept criticizing her for going to see a man who is serving life. Monica has been trying to campaign to get him out, leaning on her friend Kim Kardashian and her work in the legal system to help prove C-Murder was innocent after a witness confessed to lying about their testimony. 

Well, fans seem to think that Monica has moved on from C-Murder and may be getting cozy with another rapper known for his jail time, Kodak Black. Monica can be seen in a video riding in Kodak’s backseat as they both sang along to the song “Get You” by Daniel Ceasar. Fans on Twitter are perplexed, saying, “The most random s*** be having me convinced I’m in the matrix lol… Why tf is Monica in Kodak Black backseat???”

Many people didn’t make much of the interaction, as Kodak Black also appeared on stage with Monica days prior gifting her with flowers. However, Monica recently took to social media to share she was going on a date, but never disclosed the individuals identity.” On a date, kinda nervous,” the R&B singer stated. The post sent fans searching for clues online which lead them back to Kodak Black, who was showing off his money while the singer flashed her bag. This immediately had fans believing Kodak Black is the mystery man.

Despite the allegations, Kodak Black was recently shared a video with artist, Armani Caesar on his Instagram account. The rapper is seen playing him her hair while promoting her new project. It appears to Kodak Black and Armani Caesar have a song together based on behind the scenes footage. Neither Monica or Kodak Black have commented on the allegations.

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