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R&B Singer Neyo Reveals He’s Done Having Kids

Neyo is back on the market, but unfortunately, not by choice. The hitmaking singer/songwriter, actor, and television host was exposed by his soon-to-be ex-wife Crystal Renay Smith this past week on social media. Crystal alleges that Neyo has been cheating on her for the majority of their eight years together, being with several women and putting her and their family at risk. While Neyo has only spoken out to ask for privacy, it seem Crystal is not holding back and letting all the tea spill on what has been going down behind the scenes. She’s already cleared her social media of him with the exception of one photo below from the day their daughter was born.

Crystal filed for divorce on August 1st but says they’ve been separated since July 22, 2022. This is the couple’s second time filing for divorce, but the first time it was Neyo who tried to call it quits. The crooner said that they were experiencing months of bad fighting and wanted out. However, the pandemic forced them to sit down and have “tough conversations” that helped them reconcile. They commemorated this renewed love with a huge ceremony earlier this year, a new baby, and a new album from Neyo detailing how they found their way back to each other. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and not only has Crystal discovered that Neyo has been cheating but it’s also being reported that he might have a love child on the way. 

In the court documents filed by Crystal, she stated that their relationship was “irretrievably broken with no hope for reconciliation” and that Neyo got another woman pregnant. Fans of Neyo will recall that his previous relationship with the mother of his eldest children, Monyetta Shaw ended in a similar fashion. Neyo cheated on her with Crystal and got Crystal pregnant. This was after he’d made Monyetta get her tubes tied because he alleged that he no longer wanted any children. Neyo shared Madilyn Grace, 11, and Mason Evan, 10, with Monyetta. He and Crystal’s children are Shaffer Chimere Jr, 6, Roman Alexander-Raj Smith, 3, and their 10-month-old daughter, Isabella Rose.

Neyo did an interview back in July where he discussed putting his baby-making machine out of business after clocking in at five children. While talking to the men of FAQ Podcast, Neyo opened up about how Crystal was done having kids and said Isabella would be their last. While Neyo put the pressure on Monyetta to tie her tubes during their union, this time around, Neyo decided to get a procedure himself to ensure he had no future kids. 

“We decided, well I say we, but she decided that this was our fifth and final child,” Neyo said in the sitdown. He continued, “of course, because I can’t make that decision, I can’t breed no kids, so she said, ‘I’m only doing this one more time we have two sons already.’ Since we first started talking about having kids before we had any kids, she’s always wanted a daughter.” Neyo says that their desire to have a little girl was what pushed him and Crystal to try one more time, and they were successful. 

If Neyo is indeed having another child, this would mean that he either lied about his plans to have a Vasectomy or simply has not had it yet. No word on who the woman is or official confirmation that anyone is in fact, pregnant. 

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John Davidson
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