R&B Singer R. Kelly Wants The Parents Held Accountable, Claims They Sold Their Daughters & Became Angry When The Money Stopped

R. Kelly’s jail time is finally set in stone.

The R&B star will serve over 30 years in behind bars after being handed some additional time today. While there’s still a possibility of him seeing the light of day in his 80s, many fans are upset that he is the only one taking the fall for his actions. With various charges, it’s evident that Kelly has a ring of people helping him out. Not only does this include his staff and employees, but also the parents of the girls he courted.

Many of R. Kelly’s victims are young women who befriended the star looking for a shot at becoming his proteges. This includes late singer Aaliyah, who was introduced to Robert by a family friend trying to secure the singer a record deal. What resulted was an inappropriate relationship that many think Aaliyah’s family was complicit with.

At one point it was reported that R. Kelly also had an intimate relationship with Aaliyah’s mother. Her uncle Barry Hankerson also condemned his sister because he believed she knew all along. During R. Kelly’s trial is was revealed R. kelly sold masters to his early albums to Aaliyah’s parent in exchange for their silence.

The same goes for the family of the young woman featured in his leaked 90s tape. “Jane” in Kelly’s Chicago case is the niece of his former artist Sparkle. The young girl’s family not only handed her over to Kelly, but they also took years worth of money from him to conceal the truth. This included paid trips, investments in their businesses, free concert tickets, and more. Sparkle spoke out last year to clear up all accusations claiming she knew what was going on between R. Kelly and her niece. Sparkle vehemently denied those claims.

When discussing his “cult” in 2019 with Gayle King, Robert blamed the parents. The singer admits to paying the families of Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage in exchange for their daughters. According to R. Kelly the parents sold their daughters to him and are now upset because they aren’t making money from him. “How come it was OK for me to see them until they were getting no money from me?” the singer asked. While he denied sleeping with Clary when she was underage, he admits her parents “wanted” him to.

So far, Kelly seems to be taking the fall virtually alone. Three associates were arrested for bribery in 2020, including Richard Arline Jr. and Michael Williams, who received eight years apiece. A third man named Donnell Russell got a year behind bars.

One fan took to Twitter and said, “R Kelly is Guilty AF, but he shouldn’t be the only one charged them parents; his label & team should be highly investigated because he didn’t work alone.” Despite the many pleas, it’s highly unlikely the parents will face any legal action.

Today the disgraced singer finally received his fate and after being sentenced another 20 years. However, the judge declared the singer will be allowed to serve 19 of the 20 year sentence concurrently with his 30 year sentence. This means R. Kelly will be released around the age of 80. Although that’s a very long time, many prosecutors were pushing for him to spend life behind bars.

After R. Kelly completes his 30 year sentence, the singer will be required to spend one additional year to fulfill is most recent sentencing.

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