R&B Singer Tamar Braxton Claims She’s Unsure If A Man Likes Her Unless He Gives Her Money

Tamar Braxton has just made it plain about what it takes to get her attention if you want to date her. During a recent appearance on Fox Soul’s Turnt Out With TS Madison, Braxton revealed what it takes for a man to show her that he’s genuinely interested, and it comes with a cost.

Tamar Braxton’s relationship history has been filled with ups and downs. The youngest of the Braxton family clan was first married in 2001 to Darrell “Delite” Allamby, a music producer. Two records on Braxton’s debut album Tamar, “Once Again” and “Money Can’t Buy Me Love,” were produced by Allamby. However, in 2003 the marriage between Tamar Braxton and Darrell Allamby ended in divorce.

That same year, the singer met and fell in love with record producer Vincent Herbert, who would become her next husband. The couple dated for five years before becoming husband and wife in 2008. Soon, their marriage would play out on television on WE TV’s Braxton Family Values and Tamar & Vince. 

Herbert served as not only her husband but her manager as well. Braxton’s following four albums were released, with Vincent Herbert receiving executive producer credit. While together, Tamar Braxton gave birth to their son, Logan, in 2013. But many issues plagued their marriage that would cause their split.

Shortly after the divorce between Vincent Herbert and Tamar Braxton was finalized, the multi-Grammy-nominated singer entered into a relationship with financial guru David Adefeso. However, soon reports would surface of an antagonistic relationship between the two. Soon, multiple accounts stated that Adefeso filed a restraining order due to contentious incidents between the two. Finally, the couple split in 2020.  

If you’re wondering who the former reality star is now dating, there is no need to. According to Tamar Braxton, she’s not only single, but she’s “super single.” But the 44-year-old singer isn’t necessarily happy about it. “[I’m] super single, which sucks because I’m an amazing partner,” said Tamar Braxton. Although many other women would disagree with her stance, the singer expressed that she does not desire to be an “alpha female.” Instead, Braxton explains, “I enjoy cooking, and cleaning, and being there for my man, and coming home from the office or coming home from being in my creative space. And having this important role that somebody really appreciates.”

Braxton then reveals what it takes for a man to get her attention. “I’m old school,” she began. “You know what I’m saying? I don’t know if you like me unless you give me some money!” Then, bursting into a fit of hysterical laughter, she continues to ask how she will know unless she receives some sort of “gift” or money.

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