R&B Singer Tank Announce He’s Retiring From Music

R&B singer Tank has had reason to celebrate in recent months, as his early catalog recent became available to fans thanks to a new distribution deal for housing label Blackground Records. However, while fans can rejoice in his old music, he recently made cause for concern as he alluded to his next work and tour being his last.

Tank’s latest Instagram post shows a shirtless picture of the “Maybe I Deserve” hitmaker in his element on stage. The post is the caption “Who gone do this when I’m gone?.. Last album and last tour 2022!! R&B MONEY!!..” Fans flooded the comments beginning the star not to retire, quoting his hit “Please Don’t Go” in their pleas. “I’m singing your song, “Please don’t go”…” said one fan. “Nobody” — in my Keith Sweat voice.” said another. While he did not elaborate on why he plans to retire or why this will be his last album, many believe it might be related to recent stories claiming that he is going deaf.

Back in May, he spoke to the media about issues he has been experiencing with vertigo and hearing loss. The 45-year-old singer opened up to People Magazine about it, saying that his doctor diagnosed him with an “extreme case of vertigo.” In an Instagram post around the same time, he told fans that he was experiencing a tough time. “I’m going through something right now, and I want to use my situation to encourage your situation. I’m going completely deaf in my right ear, and I’m kind of losing sound in my left [ear]. I’m dizzy, can’t walk a straight line—all of this out of nowhere. I don’t know how or why. I’m seeing a doctor, got MRIs going on and medication–all of that.”

Tank was determined to inspire fans who may be going through a tough time by telling them that the diagnosis was not slowing him down. He wanted people to find strength like him and fight through their adversity. He goes on to say that it still has not given him a reason to give up. “It still hasn’t given me a reason to stop feeling like I can do and be everything that I’ve set out to be,” Tank said in the clip. “The goals are still the same — to be great, to be the greatest. And I want to say that to you too.” His ability to power through has been incredibly inspiring to fans. Especially in light of the fact this his hearing reportedly got worst after the initial announcement.

“I tested lower today in terms of the things I could hear in this ear, so hopefully that starts to turn around quickly, and I can get back out there and do what I do,” he said. In a separate post announcing his last tour and album, he said, “I will miss this!…2022 Last album and last tour! See me while you can.” One fan commented, “Delete this caption. Me and God ain’t through with you yet.”

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