Trey Songz Facing More Drama Following An Alleged Incident At A New York Bowling Alley

R&B Singer Trey Songz is back in the news this week. The “Neighbors Know My Name” hitmaker seems to be gaining a reputation for his inappropriate interactions with women. Despite being a heartthrob, it seems he tends to get too rough with ladies and has been accused of some awful things. The latest headline surrounding him does not help.

A woman had been suing Trey for a few years, only recently dropping her case against him. It was in connection to a 2016 party where the unnamed lady claimed that Trey Songz took advantage of her. The event reportedly took place at a birthday party in November of 2016 in Las Vegas. Trey, real name Tremaine Neverson, had various accusations against him with several of the individuals being represented by the legal counsel team of George Vrabeck and Ariel Mitchell. Another individual was basketball player Dylan Gonzalez whose claims the her incident with the R&B singer took place in Las Vegas.

Trey Songz reportedly cooperated with authorities but was eventually accused of evidence tampering after he allegedly offered a witness $200k to change her testimony. Eventually, Songz got the charges dropped after the city deemed that there were no charges to be filed. “The LVMPD has conducted the investigation into the allegations against Tremaine Neverson and determined that no charges will be filed,” a Las Vegas PD rep told PEOPLE. “If any new evidence comes to light, the case will be reopened for further investigation.”

Despite getting off, Songz still had a long list of bad experiences making him not look too good. Keke Palmer also has a troubled past with Songz after she was asked to appear in an impromptu video shoot during a party that she was not aware of. The actress told her story in 2017, and more women began to come forward to talk about Songz’s indiscretions.

Songz is back in the news today after a woman came forward about an incident that occured in a New York City bowling alley bathroom. She claims the singer [expletive] repeatedly and dragged her by her hair, leaving her with minor injuries and having to go to the hospital. The report says the woman worked for the establishment, but it is unclear how she and Songz knew each other. A source on his team is reporting that he is cooperating with NYPD, but it’s not looking great for Songz.

In light of the new accusations, people have once again circulated Keke Palmer’s interview with The Breakfast Club, where she talked about her experience with him. “Keke Palmer told folks in her breakfast club interview about Trey Songz and the silence directed toward Black women who have faced similar incidents. No conspiracy or coincidence. This man is a repeat offender. He benefits from male privilege,” said one person.

Trey Songz has not released a statement regarding the latest accusations. The singer is currently preparing for his performance at the ‘In My Feelz’ festival alongside Chris Brown, 6lack, Jeremih, Sean Kingston, and Jacquees on December 17th.

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