R&B Singer Usher Jumped By Chris Brown and His Crew In Las Vegas, Singer Left With Injuries According To Reports

Last night, R&B singer Usher put together a skate party for Chris Brown to help the singer celebrate his 34th birthday. While the celebration was expected to be one for the books with many celebrity guests, things quickly turned left. 

According to reports, Chris Brown and his entourage attacked R&B singer Usher. The incident occurred after Chris Brown apparently became annoyed and disrespectful to Teyana Taylor. While Chris Brown attempted to approach Teyana Taylor, Usher tried to intervene, and things went left.  

Sources claim Chis Brown began to insult Usher by calling the singer a coward before leaving the location. Usher attempted to follow Chris Brown outside to clear the air when the singer’s entourage jumped him.  According to witnesses, Usher was left with a bloodied nose.

Neither Teyana Taylor, Usher, nor Chris Brown have responded to the allegations.  

The timing of this incident is very interesting, considering Usher recently opened up about during a Verzus with the singer. According to Usher, a Verzuz battle against Chris Brown would “kill the world.” “I’m not saying it’s Verzuz, but I’mma just say this: if that ever happens, it would be one of the biggest things that anybody has ever experienced in entertainment in celebration of two people who love each other,” Usher stated during an interview on Big Boy TV. 

Hollywood Unlock broke this story. However, many people refuse to believe it until video footage is released. We’ll keep you posted as this story develops. 

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