Reality Star Joseline Hernandez May Finally Have Met Her Match After Disrespecting Amber Rose

Joseline Hernandez may have crossed the line with Amber Rose.

Joseline Hernandez is not afraid to put her hands on someone, but she recently met her match. The reality star has had public fallouts with a host of celebrities including Wendy Williams, Luenell, Mimi Faust, Faith Evans, Stevie J, and now Amber Rose.

The reality television star is currently featured in the cast of BET’s College Hill reboot, which also features Amber Rose, Tiffany Pollard, Stacey Dash, and Ray J. Amber and Joseline Hernandez recently got into it, and while its a first for Amber Rose, Joseline Hernandez is known for her famous fights.

Joseline’s time on television has been full of instances she’s blown up on her cast members. Love and Hip-hop was able to compile over 20mins of her spats over the years for a recent Youtube clip. This includes the time she threw money at Tommie during a recording session.

“I pay all my h***,” she said while tossing bills in the air. During another scene, Stevie J and Mimi Faustcan be seen in the kitchen sharing a moment when Joseline Hernandez showed up unannounced. “Hey, maid,” she said before demanding Stevie to take her to the studio.

While she might have gotten one over on Mimi in the clip, other women have been able to hit Joseline Hernandez with a taste of her own medicine.

During an interview with Wendy Williams during her final season, Joseline Hernandez complained about people not respecting her and her contributions to reality television. A frustrated Wendy Williams snatch some nearby flowers and threw them at the screen during their remote interview. Wendy Williams was not here for Joseline Hernandez complaining and made sure to keep the upper hand the whole discussion. After the interview, Joseline continued to call out Wendy Williams.

When Faith Evans and Stevie J decided to take their friendship to a different level, the “Love Like This” hitmaker was sure to let him know that she would not be playing around with Joseline and her antics. Faith Evans was so serious that she even broke things off with Stevie J so that he could sort through his and Joseline Hernandez’s mess.

Speaking to her now ex-husband in an interview, Faith Evans said, “You know when you kind of told me you guys weren’t together and then shortly thereafter finding out that you still kinda were, I think that’s probably when I stepped away because I’m not a man stealer, a homewrecker, you know.” Joseline later called out Faith Evans for lying about the situation, but the R&B singer did not entertain the reality star.

Luenell is not a name you normally hear in beef, but the comedian and the Puerto Rican princess went at it briefly on social media back in 2021. After urging fans to stay away from hard drugs, Joseline decided to tell Luenell to stay away from food and called her a “fat h**.” “She a burger away from a heart attack,” Hernandez joked. Luenell reshared a post from Lil Duval insinuating that Hernandez was only upset due to her own drug use.

Amber Rose is not here for Joseline Hernandez and her mouth. During a preview for College Hill, Hernandez criticized Rose for “wanting to be black.” Amber Rose promptly got up and walked over to lay the smack down while Tiffany Pollard can be seen crying and saying, “Oh my god.”

One person summarized the exchange with, “If Amber is fighting, somebody did something outrageous cuz she’s so cool.”

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