Reality Star Kim Kardashian Rumored To Be Dating One Of The Greatest NFL Players Ever

Kim Kardashian is dating again.

The fashion and social media mogul is never short on suitors and has a long history of dating high-profile athletes and rappers. While her ex-husband Ye (formerly Kanye West) has been slowly stepping out with his new wife Bianca Censori, fans believe Kim Kardashian might also be dating someone new.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West began their split in February 2021. Kim was reportedly tired of his public outburst and mental issues, while West claimed that his wife was secretly dating Meek Mill and Chris Paul. These rumors didn’t sit well with fans considering Chris Paul is a married man.

Once things ended, Kanye began dating models Chaney Jones and Juliana Nalü. He then shacked up with Julia Fox for a bit. The pair spent several months together and attended a few events before splitting up. West quietly went off the radar in late 2022 and reappeared married to Bianca Censori.

Reports state, “Bianca has been employed by West’s Yeezy brand since joining the company in November 2020.” She is listed on several company sites as the Head of Architecture and got the job after obtaining her Master’s in Building Design at Melbourne University in Australia.

Meanwhile, Kim has continued to go from strength to strength as she’s rebranded several times and took the high road over West’s various public taunts. Kim spent almost a year with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson.

The couple seemed like they were getting super serious, and Kanye was not having it. He taunted Pete on songs and social media, even releasing an animated music video of him decapitating Davidson. Pete eventually stepped away from the relationship.

In a tearful interview with Angie Martinez, Kardashian confessed that raising kids with Kanye was tough, and her main focus was protecting them from their father’s bad press. While she’s publicly remained single, some people believed she briefly did date Meek Mill after they were spotted in Philadelphia together earlier this year.

As a divorced celebrity mother of four, there are very few other people who may understand Kardashian’s life and struggles these days. One man who might be familiar is recently divorced Tom Brady. The football star separated from his supermodel wife, Gisele Bündchen, after 13 years.

They share three children together and had a pretty high-profile split after he decided to go back into the NFL after retiring. Gisele is said to have been worried about him getting injured and being away from their family. Their divorce was finalized in October 2022.

Kim and Tom are said to have been getting close lately, and she was spotted driving his golf cart. Reports state, “She wants to purchase property in a region where he has a holiday house, as they have been in contact for the same.” While Tom claims they are “just friends,” he also alludes to them “having fun.”

While Kim recently alluded to wanting to spend some time alone, fans are not buying it and noted her rocking what looks like a “commitment ring.”

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