Regina Hall Asked If SHe’s Tired Of Doing Black Movies: “No, All My Checks Cash The Same”

Regina Hall is an accomplished Hollywood Actress with several signature films to her credit. Over the years she’s talked in depth about her experience as a black actress and some of the things she has gone through. Despite doing a large amount of “black films”, Hall explained during an interview that her perception of how people view a film is very different.

Hall scored her breakout role in The Best Man before even moving to Hollywood thanks to her agent. Shortly after she stepped into the role of Brenda in the Scary Movie franchise where she starred along Anna Farris for four films. In between, roles in “Love & Basketball”, “Paid In Full”, “Think Like a Man” and more established her as a go to when it comes to black films. Back in 2016 while promoting the movie “When The Bough Breaks” she sat down with The Breakfast Club to discuss her participation in “black movies”. Initially, the group asked her if she felt like there were limited roles for black actresses.

Hall was careful in her answer, expressing that she is sure if people say an issues exists than it must exist even if she is not impacted directly. “Its touch in general” she said, followed by “[I] wish there were more [roles].” She says that she feels there is a limited pool of actresses to begin with, and says that lack of support also makes it harder to open the doors further.

“It’s hard when the people who look like you don’t go see your movie” she said, poking fun at Charlamagne who joked earlier in the interview that he would not being going to see her film. In his defense, he proclaimed that he felt a lot of the movies had the same concept, story and actors. Hall defended this stating that people have to give movies a chance to see that they are in fact different.

When asked “Do you get tired of doing the black movies” by DJ Envy she responded “All my checks cash the same. I don’t feel like a black movie is any less” She adds to this saying that she does not care so much how a movie is classified. She hopes to make movies that reach as many people as possible but understands this is not always going to be the case. She says she loves doing independent films but knows those won’t always be received in the same way as larger ones due to access and resources.

The Girls Trip actress goes on to joke with the guys, Charlamagne and Envy for not doing their research, while Angela Yee seemed to have a good knowledge of her work and was able to recall certain films. See the full interview below.

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