Regina Hall Reveals Wanting To Leave Hollywood and Become A Nun: “I Went But They Had An Age Cut-Off’

Fifty-year-old actress Regina Hall has provided some of the funniest on-screen moments in this generation. From acting in the Scary Movie franchise to starring in Think Like A Man and its sequel to Girls Trip, Regina Hall is undoubtedly great at what she does. But what many don’t know is, many of these roles with Hall serving as the actress almost did not happen. Fans of the Little actress would be surprised to know that she had dreams of being a nun and almost became one.

Regina Hall’s acting career started in her mid-20s and thankfully kept a steady rise. But prior to dreams of fulfilling a career in Hollywood, Hall had dreams of actually becoming a nun. In real life. Those aspirations began when she was younger and intensified when she got older in her life. Hall spoke about her wanting to become a nun with The Breakfast Club.

For Regina Hall, her journey to becoming a nun she feels began in a past life, as she’s able to dive into a “deep spiritual space” for months at a time. And although she grew up in Catholic schooling, she does not attribute religion to having that vision for her life. “I could see [myself] having a really happy life, like, having a spiritual vocation,” said Hall. When the hosts asked her if she would not mind abstaining from sex, it appears that she would not have much of an issue giving it up. Hall expressed that sex for her in a relationship is “cool” but she would rather have a deeper connection than just the physical.

In a separate interview with FADER, Regina Hall shared that her journey to becoming a nun felt “natural” and “familiar” when she was younger. With her love for nuns beginning at the age of 14, she described what made her fall in love with them. “They didn’t have to worry about what to wear,” said Hall. “I loved their little quiet time in prayer. It felt serene. I remember they were having a number of young girls join the convent and I was like, ‘I would like that.'”

As she got older, she says her desire grew as she discovered that she enjoyed prayer and becoming more spiritual within. Hall also revealed that all sects of nunship have different rules and that she was gearing up to join one where you could treat it as a “Plan B.”

However, her plans to become a full-on nun were thwarted because she had, unfortunately, aged out. “I was more surprised,” Hall said about learning she would not be able to fulfill what she thought was her purpose. “Like, ‘That’s not the road?’ I just thought I’d be so happy if I was a nun. I was doing a lot of prayer and meditation and I was like, ‘If this is all I have to do, this would be great.'” Hear her speak on wanting to become a nun below.

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