Rick Ross Doesn’t Think 50 Cent Is Valuable In Music Anymore

50 Cent and Rick Ross have a pretty storied beef dating back years. Both men have turned their music careers into pretty massive empires, with 50 commanding a growing television universe and Rozay owning Wing Stop and one of the largest homes in America. Ross recently did an interview where he taunts his forever foe and questions his ability to make relevant music still.

50 Cent forged his career in his ability to taunt and get reactions from his fellow rappers. Some of the most significant moments in his career were sandwiched between beefs with Jay-Z and JaRule, Fat Joe, and eventually Rick Ross. At the time things initially kicked off, 50 Cent was only a few years removed from his glory days and still one of the biggest rappers on the planet. The two’s drama started off a bit petty, with rumors that Rick Ross did not like the way 50 Cent “looked at him” at an award show. 50 Cent claims to not even remember seeing him.

Ross struck the official first blow with a record named “Mafia Music,” which made reference to 50 Cent’s baby mother. Then, 50 fired back with “Officer Ricky (Go Ahead Try Me),” a record that poked fun at Ross’s past as a corrections officer. The two went back and forth for a while, and Rick Ross followed up with another diss track titled “Kiss My Ring Finger, Curly.” It was launched with a corresponding website to promote Rick Ross’s album at the time. 50 Cent pointed this out, too, stating that he was aware that Rick singled him out, hoping for free promo. The pair continued their rivalry, with Rick Ross ultimately claiming victory, feeling that he was able to run 50 Cent out of the music industry and into television.

When speaking on his relationship with 50 Cent back in 2016, the ‘Boss Up” rapper claimed he was amused to be the biggest L 50 Cent has ever taken in his career. While Rick Ross claimed to “not be happy” that 50’s clothing line, record label, and boxing company all went under, he stated that he admired the G-Unit general for his ability to “hold his head up every day, with all of that weighing on him.”

In a recent interview with the I Am Athlete podcast, Ross continues to claim victory and state that 50 Cent is no longer relevant in music. “He is no longer valuable in the music arena,” he tells the hosts. Ross admits that their beef was great for publicity and that he could easily taunt 50 today and the “monkey” would respond but he’s no longer interested.

When asked if he would face him in a Verzuz, Ross admits that 50’s earlier catalog is probably stronger than his, crediting that to him having the “biggest producers in the game.” He says that for that reason, nothing 50 drops now could be more impactful than what he did then. Ross goes on to say that he is a friend and businessman first, so if his homie Swizz Beatz asks him to do it, he would. He ended with one final jab saying, “I hope he don’t wear the ugly hat and the shirt don’t match.”

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