Rickey Smiley Shares How Much He Makes From His ‘Friday After Next’ Role

More actors from the Friday film franchise are speaking up about their experiences. Actors like John Witherspoon, Chris Tucker, and Kym Whitley have all given their stories, not shy of exposing how much they made from the films. During one of his latest Karaoke Night events, comedian and actor Rickey Smiley became the latest to tell of his experience, including how much he makes now from his contribution to the franchise.

In 2002, fans of the Friday film franchise were blessed with the third installment, Friday After Next. The film once again followed the escapades of Craig and Day-Day, played by Ice Cube and Mike Epps. In the opening scene, a man in a Santa Claus suit breaks into the home of Craig and Day-Day. Soon a scuffle ensues between Santa Claus and Craig and the Christmas burglar ends up escaping. Throughout the film, they encounter one another as Craig and Day-Day attempt to retrieve what was stolen from them. The role of the thieving Santa Claus character was portrayed by Rickey Smiley.

Radio personality and comedian Rickey Smiley has, in the past, spoken about some of his experience in being a part of the cast of Friday After Next. Smiley was best known for his stand-up comedy and appearances on Def Comedy Jam. He’s also expressed that the film is one of his favorite movies because of how funny it is.

In a 2018 interview with Vlad TV, Smiley spoke highly of Ice Cube and said that he was “thankful for the opportunity” to be in the film. “He did not have to put me in Friday After Next,” the Rickey Smiley Morning Show host said. “That kind of catapulted me into a lot of things as well.” He also brought up the point that the film is religiously broadcast every Christmas on television, which is great for many actors who receive residuals.

Smiley also revealed that during filming for the movie he was slightly injured a few times after being hit with the Christmas tree. As for some of the other action sequences, such as when he was hit by the limo, those were handled by a stunt double. However, Smiley insists that he did perform some of his own stunts, such as hopping fences and running up some of the steps.

We have embarked on the Christmas season for 2021 and if Rickey Smiley’s statements are in any way correct, Friday After Next should be playing on television screens at any given moment. But those residual checks that we mentioned earlier, Smiley says are not hitting like they once did.

“Ten years ago, [those] were some big checks,” said Rickey Smiley during a recent comedic performance at his Karaoke Night event. He went on to convey how much he is receiving now from the film. “Them damn Friday After Next checks got down to $40 to $60.” If you think you will see the comedian attempting to deposit those checks, think again as Smiley mentioned that he won’t be caught doing that.

Rickey Smiley isn’t the first actor to reveal the amount of money he makes from the Friday franchise. Back in 2019, the late John Witherspoon went viral after revealing every actor on Friday make $5,000, although the movie went on to gross $300 million. In the same interview with VLAD, Witherspoon revealed Chris Tucker never returned to reprise his ‘Smokey’ role because his career took off following the release.

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