Rickey Smiley Shoots His Shot At Luenell & Gets Shut Down

When love takes over, you know you can’t deny! Those famous words from Kelly Rowland and David Guetta’s 2009 worldwide smash will eternally ring true. But, in this case, could there be love in the air for two comedians? Social media was shocked as Rickey Smiley recently shot his shot at fellow comedian Luenell with a steamy photo.

Rickey Smiley participated in an interview with The Grio four years ago, where he revealed his single status. The radio personality and comedian noted that it takes a special partner to change that, as he needs to be with “someone that he can’t live without.” He added that he needs to “dream” about the person and acquire the feeling of the romantic slow R&B songs to feel that they are the one for him.

But recently, it would appear that he may have found that in Luenell. The star of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show took to Instagram with a photo of the Coming 2 America actress wearing only a revealing light green bra. Smiley claimed the image was sent to him at 3:15 in the morning, which further titillated his thoughts. “At this point I’m finna smash!!” he captioned the photo.

Many fans came underneath the photo, cheering on the potential romantic link-up. Also included were actress Tasha Smith, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, and producer Jazze Pha, who appeared to like the idea. However, Luenell caught wind of Rickey Smiley’s post and entered the chat to let him know he needed to let this fantasy go. “At this point it’s clear that you’re obsessed with me,” Luenell clapped back in Rickey Smiley’s comment section. She continued to shoot down his efforts which appeared to include an invite to Thanksgiving dinner where he would be intimate with the comedian. She concluded that Smiley needs to “get a grip and continue to live your life,” advising that he try ChristianMingle.com.

Luenell may have shot Rickey Smiley down, but she might not be successful in her efforts. Recently, she posted a spicy photo on her social media that promotes her newly minted OnlyFans page.

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