Russell Wilson Refuse To Let People Steal His Joy, Regardless Of The Endless Jokes Online

Russell Wilson is finally addressing the haters in a new post The NFL star is historically clowned by haters who disapprove of his good-boy branding, marriage with Ciara, and ability to always rise above the naysayers. However, Russell is human and recently took to his IG story to let people know they cannot take his joy after a recent interview went viral.

Usually, Russell is on the receiving end of some pretty unwarranted hate. Marrying Ciara after rapper Future left her heartbroken with a child seemed to rub a lot of men the wrong way. They did not like how he swooped in and loved on the single mother and her child or how he would eventually marry her and start a family.

Future has found his supporters amongst the likes of Channing Crowder and others, who diss Russell for being “corny” and openly discuss his family life and doubts that his wife Ciara is actually with him for love. Through it all, he and Cici keep it casual and continue to prove to many that they don’t care about the hate and focus on their family.

Unfortunately, Russell’s recent trade to the Denver Broncos has brought with it a new type of hate. The millionaire quarterback has not been playing at the level fans have expected and have been dissing him online, asking him to “play better” and asking his former team, The Seattle Seahawks, to trade him back and “sign Lamar Jackson next season.”

Eager to let fans know he is committed to excellence, Russell went viral for an interview where he “bragged” about training during an eight-hour flight while the rest of his team slept. People online found this hilarious and began posting memes poking fun at Russell and his “overachiever” mentality.

While Russell usually stays quiet, this time, he decided to speak out and let people know that they cannot take his joy away. In a post to his story, in between clips of his wife and kids, Russell said, “The world didn’t give me joy, and the world can’t take it away #eternaljoy.” One person commented under the post, saying “He probably tired of people always saying stuff about him when he’s just trying to live his best life.”

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