Russell Wilson Unbothered By Future Claiming He’s Still Smashing Ciara After Signing $245 Million Contract

Ciara’s life is a fairytale for man fans. After years of dating bad boys that treated her badly, the “1,2 Step” singer found real love after splitting from the ultimate bad boy, Future. Now happily married to Russell Wilson, Cici is still a topic of conversation to her ex, the self-proclaimed king of toxic. While Future is still claiming to have a relationship with Ciara on record, her husband just signed a massive new deal with the NFL that might just prove that the best revenge is also living.

Future dropped a video over the summer for his single “Love You Better.” The heartbreak anthem is described as Future “apologizing” to an ex he wronged while also guilting her into feeling sorry for him. “Hope you can find someone to love you better than I did,” he croons on the hook. The accompanying video stars Future in clown make-up, performing the song while images of a happy family that looks an awful lot like Ciara and Russell cut in and out of the video. The actor who played the “husband” in the video even confirmed that he was playing Russell Wilson.

Only a month before that, Future was taking an even raunchier jab at his ex, claiming that he and Ciara were still intimate on Real Boston Richey’s record “Bullseye 2.” In it, Future tabs jabs at several women who are off the market, including Beyonce. “If my n**** wasn’t Jigga, I’m the type to go after B,” he said in his verse. “And I still smash on C, I got two-fifth on me, like the quarterback of the Chiefs, I’m in the field wit’ no cleats.”

Russell and Ciara have famously taken the high road and seldom respond to Future. Ciara just released a single with Summer Walker called “Better Thangs,” where the pair seem to take jabs at their messy exs. “Lately, I been living my life. I don’t pay the hate no mind doing better things with my time.” Meanwhile, her husband Russell just signed a massive five-year, $245M contract extension with the Denver Broncos. This includes a $165 million guaranteed, which puts Wilson right behind Aaron Rodgers as the highest-paid player in the NFL. The Wilsons are the definition of the saying, “the best revenge is living well.”

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