Sanna Lathan Reveals To Nicole Ari Parker Her & Boris Kodjoe Dated, Tells Nicole Her Husband Was Fine & Breathtaking Back In The Day

Hollywood isn’t as big as we’d like to think, so it’s not unheard of for people to have dated in the same circles.

This is particularly true in black Hollywood, where several of our favorite stars have dated one another before finding their perfect match. This is the case for actors Sanaa Lathan and Boris Kodjoe, who dated before he married his wife, Nicole Ari Parker.

Boris and Nicole had a shortlived talk show where the couple connected with their famous friends and showed off their undeniable charm and chemistry. Sanaa stopped by the show to promote her film The Perfect Guy. Boris and Nicole introduced her as a close friend and someone they loved dearly, and the trio danced around and posed for Sanaa’s selfie stick when she got on stage. “I love you guys! I’m so proud of you,” she told the pair.

Nicole pretended to be a little annoyed at this, saying, “I know you’re being nice right now because I found out recently that you and Boris went out on a date before we met.” Boris cringed while Nicole leaned into Sanaa for the tea. Sanaa looked a little confused, asking, “why would you bring that up on national TV,” while Boris hid his head behind a pillow. The crowd erupted into laughter.

Nicole confessed that she had no idea until they had shortlisted Sanaa as a guest, and Boris laughed at the memory of their date. Nicole asked the pair to set the record straight. While Boris tried to explain, Nicole silenced him and asked Sanaa to answer. Sanaa jokes that they dated way back when Boris was a “supermodel” with a fake accent.

Sanaa says their model friend connected them, but there was no love connection. She remembers them arguing in the back of the cab, but Lathan says he was so attractive that she decided to go out with her again. Sanaa recalls Boris being so attractive that even straight men were transfixed on him. Boris recalls Sanaa being bougie and treating him like he was kind of dumb. Ultimately, Sanaa and Boris agree that there was no chemistry.

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