Scottie Pippen Filed Lawsuit Against Tenants After Discovering $13 Knife Set Was Missing Along With Damages To The Property

Scottie Pippen is not playing when it comes to his cutlery. The NBA star was not happy when he realized that someone renting his home decided to walk off with his $14 knife set. He decided to take the tenant to court, forcing them to start a GoFundMe to raise money.

The bizarre story took place in 2018 and resurfaced this week after it was revealed Pippen just lost out on half his retirement in his divorce to Larsa Pippen. He might actually need that $14 after all. Comedian Lindsay Glazer was sued by Scottie Pippen in 2018 for damages to his home and a missing knife set.

The case got a lot of publicity, so the comic decided to try and raise some money for charity under the guise of raising money to pay Pippen back for the knives. “With all the attention this is creating, we’ve decided to help raise awareness for a great charity which helps our military veterans.

All of the money raised here will go directly to the Fisher House Foundation,” she said in the GoFundMe description. Pippen alleged that the family used his home for commercial purposes and allowed their dogs to damage the property.

In the fundraiser profile, Glazer explains that Pippen sued her for $100000 in damages to the Florida mansion she was renting. In the lawsuit, Glazer is described as “the bad-girl of southeast regional comedy, exposing Glazer’s ‘illegal conduct,’ such as allegedly failing to maintain proper renter’s insurance, speeding, and other heinous crimes of that nature.”

Deep in her petty bag, Glazer was able to raise over $700 that she donated to the Fisher House Foundation. She did use $14 of it to send Pippen a set of colorful kitchen knives. Lindsay was the top donator, giving $500. An account under the name Michael Jordan donated $7.

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