Search for a thousand feet deep sea on Saturn’s satellite

A huge sea has been found in space. A startling piece of information that has come to the hands of scientists engaged in unraveling cosmic mysteries. They were surprised. Saturn’s satellite Titan has been found in the sea more than a thousand feet deep. Its size is so large that submarines can move. Scientists are conducting research to find out what is at the bottom of that ocean.

Earth has similarities with Titan’s reservoir. According to some scientists, Titan is now as it was when the earth was born. Earlier, a large body of water called Kraken Meyer was found in the North Pole on Saturday. Which included the liquid size of ethane and methane gas. Its area is 1 lakh 54 thousand square miles.

However, scientists have decided to test methane gas to find out how Titan has so much water. They think that everything can be understood only if this water is tested. The depth of the ocean of Saturn’s satellite will be studied. Scientists say they are preparing to launch a submarine there. For this we have to look at the density of water, flow, gravitational force and flow of water.

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