Sellers Still Banking On Michael Jackson Items 12 Years Later

Michael Jackson continues to be beloved long after his passing in 2009. The King of Pop is known for his overzealous fandom. People used to famously pass out in his presence at the height of Michael Jackson mania. Since he is no longer with us, people are now scrambling to buy up anything that he’s left behind. Most recently, someone has gotten hold of an old passport application from Jackson and is trying to sell it off to the highest bidder. It’s the latest in a long line of things people have sold since he passed away.

Moments in Time is a website that specializes in selling rare and high valued collectibles from history. Their website states that “Owning an original piece of history is many peoples’ dream. As one of the nation’s leading autograph dealers, we purvey rare original autographs and historical documents.” They’ve come into possession of Michael Jackson’s passport application, one he submitted in the ’90s. According to TMZ, the passport application is going for $75,000.

Back in 2011, it was reported that Michael’s furniture from his final home was also up for grabs. Billboard spoke with the person running the auction. It was reported at the time that the company estimated bringing in anywhere from $200k-$400k. However, they made way more than this, racking up a cool $1 million. Among the items sold, they list “A kitchen chalkboard where Jackson’s children wrote ‘I love daddy,’ which sold for $5,000, and an armoire upon which Jackson wrote a message to himself on the mirror that fetched $25,750.”

Michael was living at 100 North Carolwood Drive before he passed away in 2009. The headboard from the bed he passws in was removed from the auction at the request of Jackson’s family. However, the rug beneath the bed was sold for $15,360 after an initial estimate of only $400-$600 bucks.The auction took place in Beverly Hills and featured an exact replica of Michael’s home. In the spot where his bed would have been, they allowed friends to lay gifts and tributes to Jackson that they eventually took to his family when the auction ended.”Michael Jackson has the greatest fans in the world. I can see why he lived for them,” said a rep from the auction. “They came out every day this week to bring gifts. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen as it relates to a celebrity and their fans.”

Michael Jackson’s glittery socks from his infamous moonwalk moment at the Motown 25 special were able to net someone almost $2 million in 2019. They were sold in an auction called Gotta Have Rock and Roll. The socks belong to a collection by late music industry executive Frank DiLeo. White fedoras that Michael donned in the video for Smooth Criminal were sold a few weeks back as well. The selling made between $6k-$20k on each hat, which the king of Pop had autographed after the shoot.

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