Shanquella Robinson Supporters Reportedly Jumped Three Of The Cabo6 In North Carolina While Partying At Local Bar

Justice has yet to be served in the case of Shanquella Robinson.

Shanquella Robinson was seen in a video being brutally beaten just a day before she was pronounced deceased. Her travel companions are said to have broken her neck in a heated incident. While the United States and Mexican Authorities struggle to bring her family any comfort, supporters in her local city have decided to take matters. You can take a look at the video at the end of this article.

The case of Shanquella Robinson has belonged to social media since day one. It was, of course, the leaked video of her fight that brought it national attention. While the two countries’ governments dragged their feet in responding, Shanquell Robinson’s family got to work posting the information of her travel mates everywhere in hopes of holding them accountable.

Local news reporters showed up at several of their homes and tried all of their phone numbers but were unsuccessful in reaching them. In April, it was revealed that the people believed to be responsible for Shanquell Robinson’s passing would not be charged due to insufficient evidence.

While the news has left Shanquella Robinson’s family a bit disappointed, Shaquella’s mother Sallamondra refuses to give up on getting the justice she deserves. Last month, Shanquella’s family along with organizers and supporters held a rally to bring awareness to the case.

Her lawyer Sue-Ann called the lack of support from the FBI concerning and spoke with The Sun this week about various inconsistencies in the FBI’s reports and “red flags.” Meanwhile, Robinson’s mother continues to use social media to keep supporters updated and keep a spotlight on those responsible.

It’s now being reported that the FBI will not release the autopsy to Shanquella’s family citing the investigation is still open – despite announcing a few weeks ago the case was closed. Another inconsistency the family attorney has called out.

While the FBI has chosen to do nothing so far, local people in North Carolina are tired and have taken matters into their own hands. Video recently surfaced of the women from the trip being jumped by other girls in NC.

They were reportedly all seated at a bar together when patrons spotted them and started swinging. One person tweeted, “The streets of North Carolina are not letting Shanquella’s ‘friends’ be comfortable outside. Three of them got jumped yesterday (the girls).”

The Twitter scoopster says that while the fight was admirable, the “friends” got off since the girls who approached them “couldn’t fight.” “E for energy and A for effort tho,” the person said with several laughing emojis. One person responded with, “Street justice is all that family gonna get.”

While this video has gone viral, we can not confirm which of the Cabo6 are involved in this video. You can check out the full video here.

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