Shanquella Robinson’s Company Website Seems To Be Hacked, Customers Are Being Sent To Another Company

Shanquella Robinson’s family cannot seem to catch a break. Following the devastating loss of their daughter and the misleading reports about her cause of passing, the family is now seeing their daughter’s business site being hacked, with someone trying to profit off their pain by pocketing purchases from her supporters. Her followers have rushed in to inform people of what is going on and trying to keep anyone from spending money on the site, but it might already be too late for some. 

Shanquella Robinson was reportedly in the beauty and fashion industry and had worked hard to build her business before losing her life. The company, Exquisite Boutique, specializes in urban clothing and shapewear for women. The page currently has 12.4k followers on Instagram and was run by Shanquella until she passed. However, it appears someone managed to hack the page since her passing, and any attempt to reach her site has been rerouting followers to another company called Paparazzi. The new site is linked to someone named Camille Young Miller and has no mention of Shanquella Robinson or her original company. 

Support for Robinson and her family has been at an all-time high, and people have been combing through social media posts and accounts looking for any and all information connected to the “friends” who went on vacation with her to Cabo. Instead, people have caught on to the page being hacked and have been in the comments section trying to keep people from giving money to the wrong company. Some were unaware of the hack and expressed their desire to help the family, saying, “Rip queen 💕!! Do anyone know how we could shop ? I will love to buy.” Another person said, “This young lady was super talented and beautiful. Sad the world we live in. #Justice.”

Under her last post from March of 2021, fans who have caught on to the scam commented, “DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS WEBSITE. IT HAS BEEN HACKED AND IS NOT HER PRODUCTS.” Another person said, “EVERYONE DO NOT SHOP ON THE WEBSITE UNTIL THE PARENTS KNOWS WHAT’S GOING ON WITH THE SITE! AND HAS A HAND ON IT! AS A MATTER OF FACT, SOMEONE PLEASE TAG HER PARENTS TO LET THEM KNOW SOME [expletive] HAPPENED TO THE WEBSITE!!” Some people speculated that it could actually be one of the people from the trip who kept Shanquella’s phone after she passed. “I think it’s the friend who had her phone. The guy had her phone during the fight,” said one person. 

A page run by her sister, Quilla Long, also commented, letting people know not to purchase anything. Those looking to support the Robinson family can donate to their Go Fund Me fundraiser account. Quilla set the total at $380k, which the family already exceeded in under a few weeks. Shanquella’s family has seen more donations pour in following the news of Daejhanae being taken into custody.

They are currently at $390,645, with over 6.3k people donating. Kyrie Irving gave two generation donations, one for 50k and one for 15k. John Legere also gave twice, once for 30k and once for 10k. Grant Cardone donated 24k. Fans looking to help the family need to look no further than there. 

No word on if the family has been working to restore the site’s link. Meanwhile, fans continue to show interest in purchasing products from the site and keeping Shanquella’s store alive.

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