I Wish I Could Speak To My Daughter & Hug Her One Last Time’: Shanquella Robinson’s Dad Speaks Out

While the internet continues to push for answers in the death of Shanquella Robinson, her family has been speaking out, praying for answers, and mourning their beloved daughter. Her mother has been relentless on social media, sharing everything she can in the case. Her father also has been doing the work, recently speaking to the press about how heartbroken he is.

Bernard Robinson spoke with his local news station early on in the investigation and discussed how heartbroken he was. “It’s like a nightmare, man. I can’t even sleep. I’m just frustrated. My heart is just aching as a father. As a praying man. I just want some truth because this don’t even add up right. Through the grace of god, I think I’m going to get to the bottom of this. God ain’t gone fail me; its gonna come out.” It’s being speculated that Shanquella’s life was taken by her friends after a video of her hit the net. Her official autopsy says she passed from injuries relating to the incident The news anchors attempted to reach out to the people involved, calling and texting several of them on camera.

In a separate discussion with TMZ, Bernard was even more emotional, and he recalled his daughter was not an aggressive person. “My daughter was sweet. They attacked her. For all of them to be in that room. It seems like they attacked her. And she’s naked. For a father to see that video. It seems like they were plotting. They couldn’t did that over here where all her friends are. They don’t realize what they’ve done. They put a hole in my heart. That was my only child. I’m just heartbroken.” Bernard goes on to say that he wishes he could hug his daughter one last time and that he is sad he will never be a grandfather or be able to walk her down the aisle.

Mexican authorities are reportedly ready to prosecute the people involved and are just waiting on American officials to deliver them to the country.

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