Shanquella Robinson’s ‘Friend’ Speaks Out With Proof He Was Not Present During Incident

The witchhunt for those involved in the passing of Shanquella Robinson continues, as more information leaks about her friends and the people in their lives. Robinson’s mother immediately took to social media to drop all the names, numbers, and addresses of Robinson’s travel companions in hopes of getting answers. Online sleuths have taken it a step further, dropping the names and numbers of the families of those people in hopes of creating real accountability. Now, one of the “friends” is going online to defend themselves, maintaining their innocence.

One search of #ShanquellaRobinson, and you will find a powerful grassroots movement of people sharing and resharing information on her final days. Robinson’s life was taken in Mexico while on vacation with people she considered to be her friends. People have been busy looking for answers and have populated searches of Robinson with photos of her friends and screenshots of their social media accounts. “Because they all should get exposed,” said one person while sharing images of three Facebook accounts.

Another person commented immediately under this post with everyone’s full name, birthday, and horoscopes. Another comment was a screenshot of their full names again, but this time with their addresses. A local news reported documented himself calling several of the numbers and popping up on a few of the addresses in hopes of finding answers. He revealed that most of the numbers had been disconnected, and no one answered their doors.

The FBI has since gotten involved in the case and has been working with Mexican authorities to bring justice to Shanquella and her family. They have confirmed that Robinson’s passing was not the result of a fight, but it was clearly “a direct aggression that this person made.” CNN reports, “There is already a warrant issued for the crime.” The report warrant also indicates one of Shanquella’s friends was responsible.

Of the six people involved in the trip, two men have been named. Khalil Cooke and Nazeer Wiggins were there with the four women. One of them can be heard asking Shanquella to “fight back” in the viral clip of another woman being physical with Shanquella. One of the guys from the trip has now released his own video attempting to clear him in the case. While we can not confirm which male is in the video, the individual states he was “not present” for during the incident because he arrived a day later.

In a video labeled “Shanquella Robinson’s Friend Provides Proof He Didn’t Arrive To Cabo Until A Day After Everyone Else,” the young man says he didn’t know anything was wrong. He claims he arrived an hour after the nurse arrived and promised on his bible that he has no reason to lie because he was not there. “Ya’ll don’t understand what I went through,” he proclaims. He says that Shanquella was still alive when a nurse arrived, but they couldn’t revive her because they could not find a vein to give her fluids.

Despite his testimonial, people aren’t necessarily buying it, and believe he could’ve done more. There has been a ton of calls from the public to hold everyone present responsible. In addition to this video, there’s another video suggesting one of the ladies went online with her version of the story following the trip. In the video, the woman blamed Shanquella for the incident, claiming she did something really bad while drunk – which started the altercation.

Shanquella’s GoFundMe Account continues to surpass the families initial goal. The campaign was created by Shanquella’s sister and has now reached $386,000. The new goal is now $390,000 and has donations from over 6,100 donors. The family is expected to use the funds to seek justice for Shanquella. Viola Davis recently shared a link to the GoFundMe page.

The Mexican authorities are working with the US to have the individual or individuals responsible held accountable.

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