Shanquella Robinson ‘Friends’ Being Hunted Down, But Nowhere To Be Found & Phone Numbers Changed, According To Reporter

The case of Shanquella Robinson has everyone playing detective. Several people were involved in the trip to Mexico that ended with Robinson losing her life. After videos hit the internet, several people began trying to connect the dots of what happened, piecing together what they could see from social media posts and the accounts of the people on the trip with her. A local news station in Robinson’s home state North Carolina tried to get to the bottom of the case and pulled up to each person’s home.

Immediately following videos of Shanquella being beaten up by her “friends,” people got to work identifying everyone involved and leaking their information. Robinson’s mother, Sallamondra Robinson, also got in on it, leaking all their names and addresses to social media. People began demanding answers and that those people be immediately brought in and questioned. 

After interviewing Shanquella’s father, Bernard Robinson, local station WSOC-TV 2 got to work following up on all the leads they had. According to reporter Joe Bruno in the clip, their first step was to call all the phone numbers that were provided in connection to the people on the trip. “I called phone numbers associated with all her friends that were on the trip,” he said before you could hear the operator say, “the subscriber you’ve called is not in service.” He confirmed that “most of the numbers are now disconnected.” 

The man said that he sent follow-up texts to all the numbers that went to voicemail. You can see him texting their numbers and asking for any answers involving what happened in Mexico. Joe then went door to door, checking to see if any of the people were home to get statements. All of the people were in Charlotte, but no one was home. He did speak to one person’s neighbor who confirmed that earlier in the day, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department had been by their home but was not sure why. 

Joe reached out to CMPD to find out any additional information. According to their statement, the local police department is not involved in the case since Shanquella passed away in Mexico. The heartbreaking search for answers continues for Shanquella and her family. Earlier in the interview, Joe spoke with her father, who opened up about how difficult everything was for them. “It’s like a nightmare, man. I can’t even sleep. I’m just frustrated. My heart is just aching as a father. As a praying man. I just want some truth because this don’t even add up right. Through the grace of god, I think I’m going to get to the bottom of this. God ain’t gone fail me; its gonna come out.” 

Fans in the comments thanked Joe for his excellent reporter work, saying, “I pray that the family of Shanquella Robinson and everyone who has been devastated by this unthinkable tragedy receive Justice from both national and international law enforcement, and generosity from us all to the best of our abilities. Thanks @JoeBrunoWSOC9 for your dedication.” 

At this moment, Mexican authorities are still working with the US to get the individual(s) responsible back to the country.

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