Shanquella Robinson’s Mom Claims ‘Best Friend’ On Trip Came Visit Her Daily Until Autopsy Came Out

Shanquella Robinson’s case is still making headlines as more information emerges about the people on vacation with her. Christened by some “the Cabo 6,” these “friends” have been subject to a witch hunt by social media followers hoping to bring justice to Robinson’s family. Shanquella’s mother has been very vocal as well, working hard to expose the group and give law enforcement as much ammo as they need to put them behind bars. She recently revealed one who had been visiting her following the trip.

Sallamondra Robinson is the grieving mother of Shanquella, who has been working hard to bring light to her daughter’s passing. Her Instagram account has been converted to a community page and currently has over 28k followers. Her posts have included everything from updates to tributes to Shanquella. Sallamondra has also used her platform to reveal the friends her daughter traveled with in Mexico. This has included leaking their full names, addresses, and phone numbers. She recently used the page to update supporters on their first Thanksgiving without Shanquella. “We made it through Thanksgiving, it was hard, sad and filled with tears. But I know you are with us always, I feel you, I dream of you, I see the signs daily. I Love you Shanquella, you are always in my heart.💛💐💞.”

She has been critical of them all and has made sure to call out Shanquella’s “best friend,” Khalil Cooke, along with everyone else. In one post, she identified him as the man in the video with a beard who “didn’t do nothing!” She is, of course, talking about the viral clip from the trip which showed the altercation between Shanquella and Daejhanae while everyone watched. In another post, she made sure to post his full name and address for people to find him. “More information on the ‘friends’ and everyone who was in the room with Shanquella.” Fans in the comments supported her posts, saying, “Momma is going to get Justice one way or the other for her child…..I guess she said they [took] my child well I’ll disrupt their lives.” Another person said, “That’s right Mama expose them & their addresses!!! SIP Shanquella 💐🥰🙏🏾💙!!!!”

During an interview with CBS News, Sallamondra reveals that prior to Shanquella’s autopsy coming out, the friends were very supportive, even stopping by to visit her. Khalil, in particular, was very close to the family and had reportedly gone on trips with them in the past. She confirms that he can by her house several times to show support before abruptly stopping when the truth comes out.

“She went to college with them. One of the guys was supposed to have been her best friend. He had went on family trips with us.” She said she never thought he would stoop so low and allow her daughter to be hurt. “he came to the house four days in a row till we knew what the autopsy said. Haven’t seen him since.”

Fans in the comments noted that Khalil also posted a picture “mourning” Shanquella following her passing. “This is the same person that posted a picture fake mourning her after she passed and had to audacity to go and stay with her family for days, all while knowing what really happened to her and still not saying nothing. Just look at him,” they said, resharing the image of him with Shaquella and her mother.

Now that Daejhanae is in custody many are waiting to see if this case will take a turn with more individuals being held accountable.

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