Shanquella Robinson’s Mom Releases Names & Images Of Her ‘Friends’ From The Trip & The Role They Played In Her Passing

The heartbreaking story of Shanquella Robinson and her trip to Mexico has been making the rounds online. The young woman went on vacation with her friends and passed away shortly after arriving. While the cause has been revealed, new details have been emerging, painting the 25-year-old’s alleged friends as enemies. Her mother, Sallamondra Robinson is eager to get the truth and recently shared information on Shanquella’s “friends” and the role they played in her final days. 

When Shanquella was retrieved from Mexico, her family was sadden to find out that instead of the reported ‘poisoning’ that her friends claimed took her life, the young woman suffered from bodily injuries. Shortly after this revelation, a video was leaked online showing Shanquella’s ‘friend’ harming her while others watched on and recorded. In the video, a man can even be heard telling Shanquella to “fight back.” The girl weakly responded, “I can’t.” 

The video made rounds with many people trying to piece together what exactly happened and why the women were feuding. People continued to share the video in hopes of answers and more information emerging. “Justice for Shanquella Robinson !!!! WATCH WHO YOU CALL YOUR FRIENDS! A snippet of what TRULY happened in Mexico,” shared one person. Another person shared a video that allegedly shows the friends hiding out in the room, plotting on Shanquella. “NEW VIDEO They were definitely plotting, and Quella walking around looking for them, and they in there plotting. Her voice, she sounded like she just wanted to have a good time SMMFH. #shanquellarobinson #justiceforshanquella,” they said in the caption. 

Her mother, Sallamondra, is tired of the speculation and has put all the people present on that trip on blast, making their names public and their participation in the situation clear. According to Sallamondra, all three ladies on the trip became physically with her daughter at some point. Sallamondra recently took to Instagram to share the faces of every ‘friend’ on the trip. In her post, Sallamondra identified Daejhanae as the individual being physical with Shanquella in the video. She also identifies Wenter Donovan as the individual who slammed her daughter.

Alyesse Hyatt is the individual who leaked the video, according to Sallomondra, while the two guys on the trip looked on. In a separate post, Shanquella’s mother claims the friends also stole 10k from her daughter before taking her life. One of Shanquella’s friends also took to Facebook with this claim. The friend also alleges Shanquella paid for the airbnb.

Sallmondra has been keeping supporters up to date on everything, recently letting everyone know that the FBI joined the investigation and are looking into what happened as well. The mother also shared a post detailing the location of each friend involved in the case. According to the post, Wenter Essence Donovan lives in Greensboro, NC. Alysse Michelle Hyatt lives in Winston Salem, NC. Both Nazeer Tyree Wiggins and Khalil Andre Cook lives in Charlotte. Daejhanae Imani Jackson lives in Jamestown, NC.

On Wednesday , Mexican authorities announced their plan to prosecute everyone involved and that they are just waiting for US officials to hand over the people responsible. 

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