Shanquella Robinson’s Mother Blast Mexican Reporter For Reporting False Information To US Bloggers

Shanquella Robinson’s case is still in the headlines as supporters are still trying to sort through the recent reports that someone was tqken into custody in connection to her passing. While many celebrated this initial win, her mother, Sallamondra Robinson, is updating fans and clarifying what exactly is going on. She is also calling out Mexican reporter who broke the story for reportedly lying.

Shanquella’s case is well known at this point, and supporters have been working hard to bring light to it and help bring justice for her family. They’ve focused on the friends that were present with her in Cabo, most specifically a woman named Daejanae Jackson. Jackson is reportedly the woman seen in the viral video. While she has remained the primary suspect, people have been pushing for everyone involved in the trip to be held accountable since many stood by in the video and watched.

Mexican officials reported a few days ago that the case was basically solved, and they were just waiting for the United States Interpol to extract the people involved and hand them over to authorities in Mexico for prosecution. Daniel De La Rosa Anaya, the attorney general of Baja California Sur, confirmed this information in an interview. Unfortunately, some sites ran with this information and published articles saying that Robinson’s attacker were was taken into custody.

Metropoli published an article on November 29th claiming that Jackson had been apprehended. The article read, “Breaking News!: Daejhanae Jackson was arrested in the United States. Daejhanae Jackson was placed in federal custody, waiting for her to begin her extradition process to Mexico.” Yahoo, Travel Noire, Kempire, The Neighborhood talk, and other outlets published the information taken from the Instagram account of Sallamondra Robinson. The post has now been deleted and replaced with new information.

Sallamondra shared a screen grab of the headline with a photo of the reporter and let fans know this was false. “A Mexican reporter named Gerald Zuniga made a fake article stating Daejhanae was arrested the night of November 28th. No arrests have been made.” She shared a second post with more information, stating, “UPDATE: Despite many rumors, NO arrests have been made in the Shanquella Robinson investigation. This information is false, and neither the family nor authorities have confirmed it. However, it is an active and ongoing investigation.” She also claims she has not been given the name of the individual the warrant is under.

Sallamondra spoke out today as well, telling the United Kingdom press that the FBI has kept her completely in the dark about the case and any updates. “I’m just trying to wait for somebody to be arrested. The FBI is not telling anything,” she said in an interview on December 2nd. It’s been a tough few weeks for the Robinson family, and they’ve been staying diligent as details emerge. Sallamondra claims that all the friends on the trip came to visit her immediately after and lied to her face about what had transpired. Everyone has been on the run ever since the autopsy report came out.

The only silver lining has been in the form of a powerful grassroots movement of social media users who have amplified the story and helped the family raise over $390k for funeral expenses and eventual legal fees. This included very generous donations from Kyrie Irving and several others.

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