ShaqWalks Around Stores Looking For Moms, Found Mom In Layaway Trying To Pay Off Son’s Laptop For School

Shaquille O’Neal has been taking his money and providing for others. The 4x NBA Champion is known not only for his career achievements playing basketball, but for his work with the people. Over the years, Shaquille O’Neal has increased his philanthropic and charitable efforts. Now furthering his “good deed” work, a video is circulating showing the former NBA player telling a story about how he helped a mother in Best Buy provide for her children.

Shaquille O’Neal’s generosity has no boundaries. While speaking to the Million Dollaz Worth of Game Podcast, the sometimes rapper explained his favorite pastime over the years.   According to Shaq, he likes to enter retail stores searching for mothers. Now, before you allow your mind to wander about why O’Neal is looking for mothers, no, he is not on the prowl in that way. Shaq detailed a story of him being in Best Buy recently when he happened upon a mother and her son in the layaway section. “So I’m in here hustling, and she trying to get some laptops so her babies can go to school. She owe like $1,100,” details the now sports analyst.

Continuing, Shaquille O’Neal claims to have heard the mother tell the Best Buy employees that she would proceed to bring $300 by the week’s end. Then, the mother grabs one of her children and promises them that she will procure the laptop within two weeks. But little did she know, her story arc would have a different ending.

As the mother begins to walk out of the store, Shaquille O’Neal claims that he told the woman, “I got you.” The woman, appreciative of Shaq’s generosity, assured him that he did not have to do such an action. However, Shaq insisted. “I was like, ‘Yes, I do. Because my mama told me to,'” the former NBA player claims to have told her. Shaquille O’Neal tells the podcast hosts that his motto lately has been, “It could be worse.” For him, “worse” could occur to anyone at any time. “$1500 is nothing to me,” said Shaq. “But mom trying to help her babies go to school? I’m standing right there, do it.”

Shaquille O’Neal explained that all he wants to do is “lift people’s spirits, make people happy, and make the world a better place.” This is not the first time Shaq has done a noble deed for a stranger. About two years ago, once again at a Best Buy in Georgia, Shaq encountered a man named Patrick Martin and his friend “Mo.” Seeing the basketball player, they approached him and offered condolences for the loss of his sister and the late Kobe Bryant. After a pleasant exchange, they claim Shaq returned to them and told them to pick the nicest laptop in the store, offering to cover the expenses in full.

In another effort to make people smile, Shaq told the story of a man who needed to pay for his engagement ring. Shaq happened to be in the store when the man talked to an employee at layaway. After listening in on their conversation, O’Neal offered to pay. Then another story brought joy and cheer. Shaq recounted while on Jimmy Kimmel Live a time when he was at a restaurant. According to Shaq, he’s a “big tipper” who likes to show people his appreciation. So after receiving swift and excellent service at a restaurant, O’Neal tipped the server $4,000 after asking how much they would like to be tipped. 

The individual told Shaq the $4,000 would cover her rent for two months. Shaq also claims he tips his valet drivers $300 and if he doesn’t have it he keeps driving and don’t stop.

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