“Shoot Your Shot”: Reality Star Nene Leakes Tells Guys In Her DMs To Shoot Their Shot

Reality star Nene Leakes is on the road to healing. Months removed from the death of her husband Gregg Leakes, she is making the promo rounds discussing her upcoming projects and renewed lease on life. She recently stopped by The Real to talk with the ladies about how she is healing and how she is handling the attention from new suitors.
In the Nov 5th interview, Leakes talked about life after Gregg’s death, Cynthia Bailey’s friendship & possibly returning to Real Housewives of Atlanta. The clip’s summary says, “could there be room for new love in her life?”

Loni Love expresses her condolences and how Gregg was a dear friend of hers. She then goes on to ask Nene about how she is handling being single. “Gentlemen, as you call them, have been sliding into your DMs. So what do you have to say to the men wanting to date you?” “You know, shoot your shot. We’ll see!” she said with a laugh. Leakes goes on to echo statements she made shortly after Gregg’s passing. She expresses that he wanted her to be happy and move on, something she anticipates doing at some point. “He wanted me to be happy.”

She followed that up with the reveal that friends have been encouraging her to go out, and she has met some men. “It’s interesting, dating. Actually, you know a few of my friends have been calling me up and saying, ‘just kind of like being in the house a lot [and] being by yourself is like, it makes you really depressed. It makes me you think, you know, about Gregg a lot.’ So I’ve gone out with my girlfriends, and we’ve met up with different people, and one of my friends, Peter, has introduced me to somebody.”

The reality star continues, stating that their interactions are mostly “hi and whatever.” She says a girlfriend also introduced her to a another man before proclaiming, “dating is hard. I don’t know how you’ll do it.” It’s not her first time talking about dating. She told her followers via an IG story a few weeks back that she sees the guys in her DMs but is just not ready to respond.

In a video posted to her Instagram story on October 7th, Nene was all smiles as she said “Thanks, Guyssss,” in the text above her head. “Thank you to everybody,” she said in the clip. “And all the gentlemen that have been in my DMs, thank ya’ll too,” she said while nervously giggling. She then let out a flirtatious “Heyyyyy!” before letting any potential suitors know that her main focus right now is herself and her well-being. “I’m just over here just doing me right now. But anyway, hey, I love reading the messages. They are inspiring to say the least.” Many fans supported her, taking her time to herself while calling out men for hitting her up so fast.

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