Sicilly ‘Spirit’ Sewell Finally Reveals The Real Reason She Was Fired From ‘One On One’

UPN’s One on One debuted in 2011 and quickly gained a significant audience of committed viewers. The sitcom enjoyed a five-season run before the network decided to pull the plug in 2006. However, other noticeable changes were made to the series before its cancellation, including the removal of “Spirit,” played by Sicilly Sewell. Fans of the show were disappointed in the network’s decision. Still, they were able to enjoy the actors who appeared in the series in other projects. But whatever became of Sicily?

One on One was created by the late Eunetta T. Boone, who passed away in 2019 from an apparent heart attack. The show debuted with a stellar cast consisting of Flex Alexander, Kyla Pratt, Robert Ri’chard, Sicilly, and Ray J in its final season.   One on One’s story was surrounded by a single Baltimore sportscaster who is now raising his teenage daughter. It experienced successful ratings for many of its seasons. Throughout its run, One on One received multiple NAACP Image Award and BET Comedy Award nominations. It would also win a TV Comedy Series Episode Prism Award in 2005 for an episode in the third seasonHowever, due to the then-president of UPN’s decision to change the series’ direction, it suffered a decline and an ultimate cancellation.

But One on One swiftly went into syndication. Multiple local television stations like Fox and The WB network began airing episodes of the series following the cancellation. Soon, other networks like TeenNick and BET would follow suit. Finally, One on One made its Netflix debut in October of 2020. There were some significant differences by the time One on One entered its final season. For one, the main character “Flexter Washington,” played by Flex Alexander, had been demoted to more of a recurring role with only a few appearances. In addition, Ray J was also added as a leading cast member as “Darrell ‘D-Mack’ McGinty,” who is in pursuit of Kyla Pratt’s character “Breanna.”

The fifth season also brought on a more diverse cast, with actors like Camille Mana, Jonathan Chase, and Nicole Paggi added. However, Kelly Perine, who portrayed Big Sal’s car salesman “Duane Odell Knox,” had been written out of the show. Who was also noticeably missing was “Spirit,” Breanna and Arnaz’s best friend played by Sicily. The series ending was a 2-part finale that seemed to leave questions unanswered. First, Arnaz ends up in love with a girl named Michelle, played by Brandy Norwood. It would also show that eventually, after a lengthy pursuit, D-Mack and Breanna get intimate.

Once One on One went off-air, that didn’t stop many of the actors’ bags. For one, Flex Alexander would make many guest appearances in various shows such as CSI: Miami, Single Ladies, Lucifer, Station 19, and Grey’s Anatomy, among others. He also held a recurring role in the first season of Mixed-ish and starred in the OWN reality show Flex & Shanice, centered around his life and marriage with R&B singer Shanice. Kyla Pratt, already a working actress, continued her work in the Dr. Doolittle franchise. She also starred in 2009’s Hotel for Dogs. Pratt also starred in BET’s Let’s Stay Together and ABC Family’s Recovery Road. Most recently, she appeared in an episode of the final season of Insecure and is starring in The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder as well as Fox’s Call Me Kat.

Robert Ri’chard also continued his work in Hollywood. He appeared in multiple films, including Chocolate City, its sequel, and the 2020 horror film Alone. He was recently seen as a recurring cast member on Empire and is now on the Amazon Prime Video show Harlem. He’s also starring in the BET+ series, The Rich and the Ruthless.

What happened to “Spirit” on One on One, and why wasn’t she on the fifth season? According to Sicily Sewell, the cast felt that an apparent shift coming their way would change things. In addition, she told Comedy Hype, “The feedback that I got was not the feedback that the rest of the world got.”

Sicily states that she was told they were “going in a different direction” and that she was let go because her character was apparently not “giving what it was supposed to give” with fans. She mentioned that their decision definitely saddened her. However, Sicily said that she “stalks” her former co-stars. The now-restauranteur mentions that she remains very close with Kyla Pratt and Flex Alexander and their families.

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