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Sidney Starr and Darius McCrary Reunite For Photoshoot

Today, photos and behind the scenes footage of Family Matter’s actor Darius McCrary and transgender reality star Sidney Starr hit the internet. The steamy shots are leading a lot of people to believe the two might actually be an item after noting how much chemistry they had in the pictures. Both McCrary and Starr have been linked to other celebrities in the past and have pretty messy dating histories. Are they together?

In the first video, McCrary was seen in a black suit, burgundy shirt and yellow tie looking off into the camera with his hands situated on Starr’s waist. Starr was busy making eyes with another camera, arching her back in a form fitting sheer outfit pushing up close to McCrary. In the second video, released by The Jasmine Brand, Sidney Starr and Darius McCrary can be seen lip locking before the pair begins dancing on each other.

The pair shutdown those rumors however, making it clear in posts on their accounts that they are just friends. Sydney posted a picture from the shoot shouting out McCrary saying “Here standing next to me is a seasoned legend Actor in this entertainment industry. @dariusmccrary . A black heterosexual male actor who’s standing aside a controversial transgender woman like myself.. We are great friend.” She goes on to say “this is a powerful movement we have made to let this be a lesson to the WORLD that we are all human ! No matter what !!!!” using the hashtag #familymatters.

In his own video, McCrary spoke to his fans while at dinner with his Family Matters television mom actress Jo Marie Payton. While enjoying their meal he goes on to say “What are we, in high school? You’re going to tell me who I can’t be friends with, who I can’t hang out with?” He added, “I think my fiancé would really have something different to say. That’s what y’all should be focusing on, where that ring is.”

While they both shutdown rumors that they are together, it would not be far fetched to believe considering their dating history. Sidney Starr is a popular reality star with 18k followers on her Onlyfans. In the past she has been linked to several men, and lied about a few as well. She famously told people she had been in a relationship with Chingy before revealing it to be a lie. Chingy defended himself saying never dated Sidney Starr. He went on to say that the rumors surrounding their relationships ended up costing him a record deal.

Sidney Starr did also reveal in a Instagram post that she was in a relationship with rapper ChaseGodSwag. He was reportedly signed to Cash Money Records around 2015 with the pair confirming at the time that they were engaged. Unfortunately little info exist on the internet about him, as he does not appear to be active on social media .

Rumors that Darius and Sidney may be an item began in last fall when he left the following comment on one of her posts, “The #Undeniable @sidneystarrbad what’s understood don’t need to be explained xoxoxo …” It appears the two are just really flirty friends for now.

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