Sinbad Family Launches Journey To Recovery Website, Now Accepting Donations To Help Cover Medical Cost

Actor and comedian Sinbad was a staple of the ’90s television and film scene.

He scored successful movies, a beloved sitcom, and many well-known stand-ups. As he progressed into the new millennium, we saw less and less of him, and in the last two years, he’s been completely off the radar. Today we learn more about what has been going on with and his health following a devastating announcement from his family a few years ago.

Sinbad was born David Adkins and just celebrated his 66th birthday on November 10th. He’s been hard at work in Hollywood since making his debut in the ’80s on Star Search. From there, he scored roles on It’s a Different World before getting his own series and stand-up specials on HBO. While his last film role was in 2014, Sinbad has appeared in several television projects recently, including Rel, Atlanta, Steven Universe, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

In 2020, just ten days after his 64th birthday, his family took to his Instagram account to announce that the father of two had suffered a stroke that had debilitated him. “It is out of sincere love that we share Sinbad, our beloved husband, and father, is recovering from a recent stroke.” The post went on to say, “Sinbad is a light source of love and joy for many generations.

While he is beginning his road to recovery, we are faithful and optimistic that he will bring laughter into our hearts soon. They concluded the post by asking for prayers as they prepared for the unknown road to regaining his health. “Our family thanks you in advance for your love and support and ask for continued prayers for his healing. We also ask that you please respect our privacy during this time.”

By December of 2020, his son and daughter popped onto his IG live to share an update with friends. “We are happy to report that he continues to recover and is getting better every single day,” they said in the caption. Their father wanted to deliver a personal message as well, and they said it was his wish to thank the front line workers for their efforts in keeping him and everyone safe, which makes a lot of sense since the post came during the thick of the pandemic. “Thank God for family, and hug the ones you love while you’re still with them. We need each other to get through this journey. I can’t wait to see you all again soon. As always, stay funky, stay prayed up!”

His page has been mostly throwback clips since then, but today a new update came in the form of a photo of Sinbad learning to walk again. The comic looks noticeably thinner as he holds himself up on a walker. His family says he is beating the odds despite his limbs being “dead.” They are asking concerned fans for help as his health care is not able to fully cover the help he needs.

The family have set up a site where people can donate to helping him recover. “All gifts will go to the Adkins Trust to help provide for Sinbad’s care and help him continue to fight this battle,” they said on his website, TheJourneyForward.Life. They are also selling an action figure of his likeness from the film Jingle All the Way.

We’ll keep you posted as more details are released on Sinbad’s recovery. For anyone interested in donating the link can be found on the comedian’s journey website.

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