Adele Continues To Break Records, But Still Can’t Afford To Live In Her Hometown

Adele is unstoppable. The London-born singer has had her foot on the industry’s neck for an immense part of her career. As she gears up to release her newest album, 30, on November 19th, Adele has already broken new records. Yet, despite all of her accomplishments, Adele just revealed some astonishing news. With all the money she makes, the chart-topping singer is unable to afford to live in London.

With her debut album 19, Adele Adkins came out the gate swinging. The singer put her truthful lyrics of heartbreak and self-reflection on wax and thus began the public’s fascination. But if fans thought it couldn’t get any better than songs like “Chasing Pavements” and her cover of the Bob Dylan classic “Make You Feel My Love,” they had another thing coming. Adele’s reign would prove undeniable with the release of her sophomore album 21. The success of this album would be that much more monumental than her first album, which was certified multi-platinum worldwide.

Once again, Adele channeled the heartbreak she felt with another lover and put her pen to work. 21 birthed many hits such as “Rolling In The Deep”. “Set Fire to the Rain,” Someone Like You”, and more. Additionally, Adele received an outpouring of accolades for the effort. Not only that, but records began to break, one by one.

Since its January 2011 release, 21 has crossed many milestones. In 2018, Billboard reported that 21 replaced Carole King’s album Tapestry? as it had been on the charts longer than 318 weeks. The album, according to a recent report by Forbes, has made Adele the first woman to have been on the Billboard 200 for a total of 500 weeks. The album has also lived on charts in the UK and other countries around the world for years.

With over 31 million albums sold worldwide to date, Adele’s 21 became the global best-selling album in the last decade. Little did Adele know that she was far from done breaking records. As the world awaited another Adele reign, she was crafting her next album. Then in October of 2015, Adele fans were graced with the first single to her third album, “Hello.” The piano-driven ballad became an instant worldwide success, achieving #1 on all streaming platforms as well as the Billboard Hot 100.

The single’s first week sales were astronomical, surpassing 1 million sold. This achievement removed Flo Rida from having the biggest first-week single sales, according to Reuters. “Hello” would also go on to hit #1 in over 35 countries, a record-breaking feat, and break Spotify’s records for a song with the most streams in its debut week at the time. The visual for the single also broke records for having the most views on its debut day at the time with over 24 million views.

Hello’s parent album, 25, was next to be released, and once again Adele proved that she has a thing for breaking records. In its first week, 25 amassed sales of over 3 million copies in the US alone, becoming the first album to achieve this feat, ever. This was a beautiful achievement as the music industry had shifted into the digital age. 25 was not available on streaming platforms for a while, so fans had to purchase the hard copies.

Worldwide, Adele saw similar success. The album lived atop many charts, and would also receive numerous accolades. And now, Adele is back with a new single which was released on October 15th. Already it has broken records. Records are not safe with Adele. “Easy On Me”, the first single from Adele’s upcoming album 30, has received widespread critical acclaim. A report from Variety shows that the single has broken Spotify records for being the most streamed song within 24 hours of its release. Globally, Adele’s single received 24 million streams on the platform. She also broke UK’s record for having the most streams in a day with 3.2 million.

But with all that Adele has accomplished, and what records she is sure to continue to break with 30, she revealed some news about her living situation. The singer emigrated to LA in 2016 from London and purchased a multi-million-dollar Beverly Hills home. She has since expanded and purchased multiple neighboring properties over the years.

But a recent interview with British Vogue shows that had she remained in London, she wouldn’t have been able to purchase homes of that caliber at the same rate. According to Adele, the “quality of life” in LA was more attainable, although she still keeps a place in London. “The kind of house I have in LA I could never afford in London. Ever,” expressed Adele. She then shares that she’s looked at pricing for houses in London that were similar and the amount was astronomical in comparison. “It’s like hundreds of millions of pounds,” she said. “I don’t have that much money at all. I’d throw up.”

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