Singer Kelly Price Spotted For First Time

For those waiting to see Kelly Price out publicly, the singer has finally been spotted on Tuesday afternoon. Throughout the last week, Kelly Price’s family and fans have been demanding to hear from the singer directly to assure her safety. On Monday, the singer had an interview with TMZ where she confirmed she was indeed safe and revealed dying and coming back to life while in the hospital battling covid.

Price also expressed disappointment in her family turning to the press, knowing they hadn’t been in contact for months. Price’s sister refused to believe her sister was safe until she spoke to her directly. However, according to Kelly Price, she hasn’t spoken to her estranged sister in over a year, and that’s nothing new for them.

On Tuesday, Kelly Price was finally spotted flying into the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) with her fiance, Terrell Babers, being pushed in wheelchairs throughout the airport. Price sported a blue jean jacket over a black dress, carrying a Gucci purse, while Babers was dressed in all black with a Gucci duffle bag on his lap. The couple was later spotted again, standing outside of LAX, waiting for their transportation. Kelly Price appeared to be in good spirits after a very long week in the press.

This is the first time Kelly Price has been seen publicly since the singer announced she was with COVID back in July. Last week, the singer was placed on the missing person’s list after Cobb County officials arrived at her home to conduct a welfare check. According to Price’s family, her boyfriend did not allow them to visit their home.

While many people have claim Terrell Babers is her boyfriend, back in March, she told MadameNoire she was engaged and had been together for two years, but Kelly Price addressed him as her husband during her TMZ video earlier this week. Price’s sister refused to believe her sister was safe until she spoke to her directly. However, according to Kelly Price, they hadn’t spoken in a year. “It hasn’t been two months since I’ve seen my sister; it’s been a year. I haven’t been in the same room with her since my mother’s funeral. Prior to that, we hadn’t seen each other all pandemic long. That’s not new for us. We’ve been strained for a very long time. I was never missing,” Price shared. The singer also revealed she had to leave her home because people were showing up, disturbing her and her neighbors. Since Kelly Price has given her first interview and been seen publicly, her sister has yet to comment.

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