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Miguel Discusses His Journey Of Learning To Love and Not Knowing How To Love Himself In Resurfaced Interview With Wife, Nazanin Mandi

Miguel and his wife Nazanin Mandi have split after three years of marriage and 18 years together. The split was not a complete shock to fans since the couple did announce their initial separation last September before reuniting this summer. Unfortunately, the time apart did not help, and Nazanin filed divorce papers on Tuesday, October 4th. Miguel and Naz have been very candid about their love over the years, and fans are revisiting old interviews where the “Sure Thing” singer admitted to struggling to find himself while with Naz.

Miguel and Naz met when they were only teenagers. The 18-year-olds took off on a whirlwind adventure together, pursuing their respective careers in music and fashion. Miguel was fiercely focused on his career and appeared on the BET reality series Blowing Up: Fatty Koo before viral buzz on Myspace helped him land his first deal. Miguel’s fight was just beginning, however, as his debut would not arrive for almost three years after that. Even then, it was considered a sleeper hit, and Miguel has always been the kind of artist that people overlook. This has led to his intense work ethic and thirst for validation, which would spill into his relationship with Naz.

Naz admits that Miguel did not always know how to love her properly. His quest for the spotlight made him very distant, and he often cheated on her while out on the road and trying to figure things out. Naz also struggles with a mental health disorder that led to issues in their union. Naz says that depression set in after years of failed opportunities in music. While she did not mind dating Miguel and even held him down in the beginning by paying all the bills, eventually, his drive and determination made her realize that she did not know her purpose.

While opening up about his infidelity on Naz’s podcast “Ladies Like Us,” Miguel admits that they broke up several times and that he often felt like he was not in love with Naz, despite really caring for her. He admits he did not know how to love at the time and did not even love himself. This would lead to them splitting up for a year and even dating other people. When love found them again, the duo decided to incorporate couples therapy which Miguel called “a game changer.”

Unfortunately, it was not enough. After taking to social media at the top of this year to discuss how “healing the root” brought them back together, Naz and Miguel are finally ready to go their separate ways. They are the latest in a string of couples splitting that has fans online stressing out. Love is Blind couple Iyanna, and Jarrette just applied for divorce as well, following splits from Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict as well as Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen. “Nazanin and Miguel need to stop playing with my emotions BECAUSE YALL SAID THIS LOVE WAS A SURE THING,” tweeted one fan. Another said, “Nazanin got back with Miguel in February only to check out again.”

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