Tory Lanez Continues To Find Trouble, Pregnant Woman Accuses Him Of Hit and Run

Tory Lanez is a bad boy for sure, and he is looking to hold onto his reputation. The Canadian crooner is known for his short temper and fiery energy and has seen his legal woes outweigh his music several times over the years. From his incident with Megan the Stallion to an ongoing feud with Love & Hip-Hop star Christopher Michael Harty. He even recently got into it with August Alsina. In the latest news to shock his fans, Lanez might also have been behind the wheel of a hit and run.

Things for Tory Lanez, of course, kicked off with the infamous Megan The Stallion brawl. While partying with Megan and her friend, it appears things soured between the trio on the ride home. While no one is 100% sure what transpired in the car, it was reported that Lanez supposedly shot Meg in the foot. The case is still ongoing and threatened to overshadow both artists’ careers. Megan has managed to keep hers afloat and has continued to score major hits, while Lanez has had to settle for a big career hit and shrinking spotlight. Their trial continues to be delayed, with Megan’s friend and key eye witness Kelsey Harris being asked to return to court in December for a testimony. Tory Lanez was recently a guest on DJ Akademiks Off The Record podcast when revealed he facing 24 years in prison if found guilty. The troubled singer told Akademiks, “I am in an open case and maybe I make this s**t look really beautiful, […] But guys, I am actively facing 24 years next month.”

Unfortunately, for Tory Lanez his trial with Megan Thee Stallion isn’t his only legal issue. Tory also seems to have it out for Christopher Michael Harty, also known as the Prince of South Beach. It is reported that Lanez attacked him at Club LIV in 2019. Prince claims that Tory ran up to him and punched him in the face unprovoked before fleeing the scene. Prince pressed charges and is still in court with Lanez and his team. Lanez would swing on him again in 2021, prompting one of his lawyers to drop him as a client, claiming Lanez just could not stay out of trouble. Attorney Christopher E. Ells claimed he was just “unable to effectively represent” Lanez, citing “irreconcilable differences which cannot be resolved,” this past August.

Ells made the right choice because not even a month later, Lanez was back in the news for an alleged attack on R&B singer August Alsina. Lanez refused to discuss the details of the incident in his recent Breakfast Club interview but claims he has written for August Alsina in the past and had no issues with him. Video from that night show Lanez upset when August avoided shaking his hand in passing. Alsina later posted a picture of his injured face and said he was avoiding physical contact due to his health issues and the still lingering presence of COVID-19 and Monkeypox.

A couple named Krisha and Jesse Grullon is the latest to come forward with a story against Lanez. The couple claims the musician ran into their car in January while Krisha was four months pregnant and then drove off. Lanez teams claim this is just a shakedown and that the couple does not have sufficient evidence to prove this. They said he rear-ended them on an off-ramp in his Green Bentley SUV. One of his remaining lawyers, Andell Brown, claims the Grullons will be laughed out of court due to their lack of evidence and that the couple incorrectly listed his car as silver but later changed it to green.

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