Snoop Dogg Wish Cancel Culture Would Try To Cancel Him: “My Fan Base Is Bigger Than Cancel Culture”

Is Snoop Dogg bigger than cancel culture? The Long Beach icon seems to think so. In a recent Club House conversation with social media fixture Druski, Snoop Dogg says he does not believe he can be canceled because his fanbase would simply not allow for it. His bold statement rings true according to some, who feel like Snoop has dodged many cancel attempts over his career. 

The rapper turned Def Jam executive is not playing with cancel culture. “I wish a mf would try to cancel me,” he responded when asked about it. According to Snoop, cancel culture only works if you believe in it. He sights recent public outcry over acts like Da Baby and Dave Chapelle and how they have bounced back as proof. He then challenged cancel culture to go toe to toe with his audience to see who would win. 

In the clip covering Snoop’s comments, Hip-HopDX brought up some instances where Snoop very well could have had his career ended due to some choice words. Snoop Dogg was not afraid to call out Gayle King after she questioned Lisa Leslie regarding the late Kobe Bryant’s legacy. In the discussion, she asked Leslie if she felt that Bryant’s allegations in the past had tarnished his image. 

Snoop did not find this appropriate and immediately called out Gayle and best friend Oprah for their support of people like Harvey Weinstein while disrespecting them and calling them names. He also used the opportunity to defend Michael Jackson and demand Bill Cosby, who was still incarcerated at the time, be freed. Eventually, Snoop’s mother talked him into apologizing to Gayle for his choice of words. 

He apologized for his derogatory manner and said, “two wrongs don’t make a right.” He went on to admit to using disrespectful language and being “raised better” than that.  Snoop is gearing up to headline this year’s Super Bowl with Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar. Taking his sound bite about being “un-cancelable” as a challenge, Podcast host Greg Kelly took to Twitter to demand Snoop be removed from the Super Bowl by trying to highlight things from his past. “32 years ago, 1990: Super Bowl Half Time was the PEANUTS Gang-Charlie Brown, Linus, SNOOPY. It was the 40th anniversary of the cartoon,” he tweeted. Grey Kelly followed this up suggesting everyone gives the NFL a call and tell them how they feel about Snoop Dogg performing at the SuperBowl. “Call 212-450-2000. Ask for Roger Goodell, “the commish.”

It’s unclear if it was Snoop Dogg’s comments that invited this attack or a past issue between him and Kelly. Kelly mentioned some of Snoop Dogg’s lyrics in another post, questioning which songs the rapper would be able to perform on TV and if he planned on disrespecting any women during his set.  It’s not likely that Kelly will have his way, thus proving that maybe Snoop is the anti-cancel culture. Is it possible to cancel someone as beloved as Snoop Dogg?

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