Social Media Debates Why Kanye West Is Canceled Now, But Not Over Anti-Black Remarks

Kanye West is finding a lot of his business endeavors coming to a swift end. The music and fashion mogul has been a tormentor to several communities for over two decades, but it seems his recent attack has found him terrorizing the wrong folks. In all the joy and confusion over his entire career finally being dismantled at his highest level, many are wondering why this has not happened sooner.

Kanye West was once a champion of the culture. The College Dropout rapper steeped his early album imagery in HBCU aesthetic, rapping over soul samples and saying things on television like “George Bush doesn’t like black people.” With increased fame and success, West began to embraced different influences and muses. He went from championing women of color in his songs and videos to glorifying women like Amber Rose, Cassie, and eventually Kim Kardashian.

West would poke fun at himself in videos. Nia Long and Tracee Ellis Ross famously cursed him out in the “Touch The Sky” video after he left them to be with a white woman, Pamela Anderson. West began to turn his back on people of color, saying things like “slavery was a choice” and supporting Donald Trump.Despite some donations towards BLM and his continued support hip hop music, West was still spitting in the face of the very community that built him, with next to no risk of being canceled.

Instead, it seemed like black people went even harder to support him. One person Tweeted, “Black ppl were still buying Yeezys, still going to Sunday Service, still going to those DONDA shows, still watching his interviews, still listening to his albums, still calling him a genius. Black peers, execs, and fans. That’s why Kanye’s anti-black speech didn’t cancel him.”

Other people wondered why his comments against Jewish people held so much more power. “okay, but for real, the swift response to Kanye’s [expletive] vs. the silence when he was tormenting the black community is reaaaaally something to witness.” Some people summed up their frustration with “Wish being anti-Black held this much weight.” What are your thoughts on this?

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