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STARZ Executive Puts An End To Rumors Of James St. Patrick Returning To Power

James St. Patrick fans can relax. There have been inquiries from many Power viewers as to whether their beloved “Ghost” would be returning to the series. Despite viewing his horrific ending in the show’s final season, some fans have been holding on to hope that Ghost would somehow, someway, make his triumphant return to one of the spin-offs. For all those wondering or praying for a future for his character, there is a definitive answer for you. James St. Patrick is dead, gone, and never coming back.

Actor Omari Hardwick is the reason behind the acclaimed portrayal of James St. Patrick. He ruled television screens for the STARZ television show for six seasons, created and executive produced by Courtney A. Kemp, along with 50 Cent.   But in the final season, James “Ghost” St. Patrick met his tragic fate when his life was fatally taken by his son, Tariq. While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Courtney A. Kemp labeled Ghost’s passing the “saddest ending of a television show ever.” Judging by the reaction from a plethora of fans, her description appeared to be spot on.

Fans continued to inquire whether James St. Patrick would make his return as more iterations of Power were announced. Even through the many assurances from Courtney A. Kemp that Ghost was indeed gone, that did not satisfy some viewers. Somehow, they still anticipated that he would come back in some form. However, his legacy has remained in some form on each spin-off.  

Actor Omari Hardwick spoke with Entertainment Weekly, where he talked about the fans’ reactions to Ghost’s tragic fate. The NAACP Image Award-nominated actor revealed that many fans expressed their “upset” at how the show ended and stated that they were reacting in a “protective and loving” manner. “They are defending me, wanting me to still be on,” said Omari Hardwick.

Fans of the series became even more excited at the thought of Omari Hardwick reappearing in Power Book II: Ghost after a 2021 interview with actor Michael Rainey Jr. The actor told Digital Spy that Ghost could potentially make a comeback after hinting that they referred to him in a previous scene where one of the characters said, “Ghosts never die.” Additionally, Rainey Jr. heightened fan speculations when he shared, “Y’all gonna see the definition of that line in this season.”

However, the series continued without the physical appearance of James St. Patrick. But his “ghost” definitely remained a pivotal arc in the story’s plot. At one point, fans caught a brief resurgence of Ghost when he spoke to Tariq from the grave via a petty letter penned to him previously. During a scene, Tariq was given a letter written by his father while briefly in police custody. Upon opening it, the contents harshly state Ghost’s belief that his son would have always ended up behind bars.

Despite the incessant questioning from fans, Courtney A. Kemp insisted that James St. Patrick is not returning. However, Omari Hardwick gave a different answer while speaking on the Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay Podcast.   When asked if James St. Patrick would potentially return on one of the spin-offs, the actor leaned on it being a possibility. However, Hardwick also expressed that he wasn’t the one who decided to “close the door” on Ghost’s character. “I’m never not open,” said Omari Hardwick on returning to one of the spin-offs for an appearance. In addition, the actor stated that with the character’s name being “Ghost,” there’s “always a possibility of being just that.”

Many fans also caught a glimmer of hope that James St. Patrick could potentially pop up in the upcoming season of Power Book IV: Force. Courtney A. Kemp shared the news to her Instagram followers that the show was renewed for a second season by STARZ and congratulated her cast and crew. Reddit captured a comment by Omari Hardwick also offering his congratulations, with actor Joseph Sikora, who plays “Tommy Egan,” responding by extending an invite for Hardwick to “come visit.” Then, a recent report from Deadline revealed the possibility of another extension of Power, this time based overseas. With this news, fans jumped at the thought that James St. Patrick could finally be resurrected.

However, according to STARZ’s President of Original Programming, Kathryn Busby, it’s not happening. According to Deadline, Busby has stamped with 100 percent clarity and certitude, “Ghost died.”

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