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Stephanie Mills Regrets Not Marrying and Protecting Michael Jackson: “I Would Have Protected This Beautiful One’

’80s vocalist Stephanie Mills had a handful of hits and an even bigger handful of stories. The “Never Knew Love Like This Before” singer has opened up a lot in recent years about her life and experiences. Recently she took to social media to profess her love for Michael Jackson, reveal her regrets over not marrying him.

In a Breakfast Club interview a few months ago, Mills opened up about her dating life and how she began a “sugar mama” for a period in her 40s. She confessed that younger men approached her often, something she enjoyed. However, she did not like it when they began asking for money. She did end up purchasing vehicles for two different men before she stopped. One guy got a BMW, and the other got Mercedes. “That’s when I got turned off, I didn’t want to be a sugar mama.” She goes on to say she is naturally a giver so these men took advantage of her.
When the topic turned to the best gift she’d ever received, at first she could not think of anything. “I’ve never had a man shower me with presents. People don’t give me presents.”

When Charlamagne asked about her relationship with Michael Jackson and if he had ever gotten her gifts, she opened up about their time together. “I used to date Michael Jackson but we were young.” She goes on to recall that they dated while he was filming The Wiz and often spent time together at his place. When asked how long they dated, Mills awkwardly tried to tell them that she dated while he was still “black”, to which Envy helped her finish the sentence. “He was the most gentle, most kind. He never said a bad word about anybody. I’ve never seen him upset. Never. He was so gentle and so kind.” She goes on to recall when he became bigger that he started doing things to appeal to more wider audience. She then started to notice his change in appearance.

When asked why they broke up, she said she did not like the politics of it all. “I didn’t want to go to certain people’s houses for dinner. I wasn’t going to change myself.” Mills is in a reflective space today because she took to her social media to remember her old flame confessing that she wishes she had married him. “Michael and I should have married. I would have protected the beautiful one” she captioned a black and white photograph of the two of them. She posted a photo of a much younger Michael a few weeks back on his birthday. “Today would have been the 63rd birthday of #michaeljackson. I love you my friend rest and know their will Never Be Another Like YOU!” she captioned the picture.

A week prior to that she posted a racier pic of Michael sitting back with his shirt unbuttoned. “Look at my sexy a** friend. Rest KING I GOT YOU.”

John Davidson
John Davidson
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