Stephen ‘Twitch’ Boss Autopsy Finally Released 5- Months After His Death

The final autopsy from Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss was released yesterday revealing his cause of death and state at the time.

Stephen “tWitch” Boss left a devastating void in the lives of his family, friends, and fans when he took his life last December. People have been overwhelmed with whys and have been questioning everything after learning his cause of death was suicide.

Everything from financial issues to infidelity has been brought up as a possible motive. One thing we know now for sure is that Boss was not under the influence when he took his life.

Stephen “tWitch” Boss rode the reality television competition wave to the big time over the last two decades. After appearing on MTV’s The Wade Robinson Project, he would land himself a slot on So You Think You Can Dance.

His time on the series made him a fan favorite, even catching the attention of Ellen Degeneres. Ellen would eventually bring him onto her series as a permanent DJ. He spent years dancing and entertaining her audience from the side of the stage, eventually becoming an executive producer on the show and hosting several episodes with his wife, fellow SYTYCD alumni Allison Holker.

They met while competing on an all-stars edition of the series, with tWitch eventually being brought on as a judge. The Boss family were well on their way to power couple status. In addition to their growing audience across TikTok and Instagram from their dance videos, they had several big projects in the pipeline.

This included two HGTV home improvement series, a clothing line at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and countless other projects. They had just dropped The Hip-Hop Nutcracker on Disney+ weeks before tWitch’s passing.

tWitch was unfortunately caught up in the media storm that enveloped the final years of the Ellen series. Degeneres was accused of running a toxic work environment that ultimately ended her show. It included reports of sexual abuse.

tWitch was one of the many people who stood by Ellen, something many believe might have put unnecessary pressure on him. Todrick Hall had collaborated with tWitch prior to his passing and alluded to pressure from people to distance himself from Ellen, possibly contributing to his cause of death.

Judge Joe Brown went on a profanity-laced rant blaming Ellen for tWitch’s cause of death. According to the judge, working for Ellen probably drove tWitch crazy.

Columbus Short claimed to have different knowledge on tWitch’s financial status before his passing. Short alluded to bad investments, maybe driving tWitch over the edge.

He speculated that it might have lost a ton of money on a recent business deal which drove him over the edge. No one has confirmed this, and Allison claims the couple were doing ok when tWitch died.

Autopsy reports now confirm that tWitch’s final moments were spent in sobriety. The dancer was confirmed to not have any drugs or liquor in his system at the time he left his home and walked to a nearby hotel, where we took his life.

In the report, also included a note from tWich’s wife, Allison. Despite twitch’s cause of death being suicide, Allison states he had no previous attempts at taking his own life. He was reportedly found in the tub with a towel around his neck and his clothes neatly folded nearby.

tWitch was survived by his wife and their three children.

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