Stephen “Twitch” Boss’ Wife Granted 50% Of His Estate, While Who Owns Other 50% Remains Unknown

Allison Holker was granted 50% of the estate of her late husband, Stephen “tWitch” Boss.

The former Ellen Show DJ and dancer took his life in early December and left behind Allison and their three children. The devastating loss has definitely been hard on the family, and the now-widow and single mother has had to work to figure things out since tWitch did not leave a will.

Allison and tWitch both found success after participating in So You Think You Can Dance. The show would bring them national fame and introduce them to each other. Love blossomed, and the duo tied the knot in 2013.

SYTYCD producer Nigel Lythgoe hosted the nuptials at his villa. Allison already had one child from a previous relationship that tWitch adopted. Together they welcomed two additional children. The pair seemed happy and healthy and built a media empire together.

Prior to his passing, they had worked together on television, hosting Ellen, SYTYCD, and starring in The Hip-Hop Nutcracker. They also ran an athleisure brand sold in Dick’s Sporting Goods and had several shows in the pipeline, including a home improvement series with HGTV.

Upon his passing, Allison had to petition the courts in Los Angeles in order to gain access to any earnings and assets that tWitch left behind. Under California Law, she is entitled to 50% as his wife. Allison was granted her “property passing” rights, but the filing pointed out that “no administration of [the estate] is necessary.”

According to Yahoo!, “Boss’ assets included 100 percent ownership of Stephen Boss Productions, according to the documents. Holker asked the judge that she be awarded half of all of the hip hop dancer’s current and future earnings as he ‘owned nothing of value’ when they tied the knot.”

While it’s a small win for Allison, many are wonder why he was only granted half. Furthermore, where does the other half go?

One person guessed, “I would think the other half would go to his family, mom, dad, siblings.” tWitch was very close to his mother and younger brother, but it is unclear if they got the other 50%.

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