Steve Harvey Claims He Still Has His Eyes On Michael B. Jordan

The love between Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan is stronger than ever. The public is seeing it. The family apparently sees it. We all see it. Lori Harvey’s stepfather, Steve Harvey, has been highly vocal in his thoughts concerning their relationship. But a recent picture showing the couple in an intimate position has got Steve Harvey feeling “uncomfortable.” Is “Judge Steve Harvey” about to lay down the law on this relationship?

Lori Harvey has had a colorful and storied relationship history. She’s been romantically linked to high-profile celebrities such as Future, Justin Combs, Sean Combs, Trey Songz, Meek Mill, and more. But in January 2021, Harvey got herself a “Black Panther.” Well, at least that’s when the news was made public. There was speculation that Harvey and Michael B. Jordan were dating once photos captured by TMZ showed them exiting a plane together. Additionally, reports stated that Jordan accompanied Harvey to her hometown to spend the Thanksgiving holiday together.  

Shortly after that, multiple photos surfaced with the couple loved up. Both parties began to post pictures of them together on their social media accounts, confirming their relationship. Before dating Harvey, Michael B. Jordan was said to have been romantically linked to Kendall Jenner and R&B singer Snoh Aalegra, to name a few.

While previous lovers or suitors have had some colorful (read: lustful) things to say about Lori Harvey, Michael B. Jordan has nothing but sweet things to say about his lady. When asked by Entertainment Tonight what he finds sexy, the “A Journal For Jordan” star smiled while gushing about “who he found.” Jordan shared qualities that Harvey also possesses but stressed about her “sense of humor.” “You know, that infectious feeling I think is really sexy,” said Michael B. Jordan. The actor then revealed Harvey has “all of those things.” Reiterating Harvey’s sense of humor, Jordan expressed that “a lot of people don’t know that about her. She’s really funny,” he stressed.

Michael B. Jordan, who states that he’s usually a private person and works hard to protect his privacy, told PEOPLE that he was “extremely happy” with Lori Harvey. Obviously unable to withhold his excitement for the relationship, the actor expressed that “it just felt like it was a moment of just wanting to put it out there and move on.” Further, Jordan shared that he feels more “comfortable” in sharing more of his private life with the public, knowing that it comes with the territory of his job.

For Harvey, who is known to be highly private, she shared the importance of her partner being accepted by the family in an interview with Bustle. Her priorities in a relationship also include someone who is “trustworthy and reliable,” as well as someone that can provide “stability.” However, Harvey stated that those things go out of the window if her family doesn’t rock with them. “My family is the deciding factor in if you’re going to stick around or not,” said Lori Harvey. “If they don’t love you, our time together will probably be short.” 

Lucky for the Creed actor, the Harveys approve of him. In the same interview, the social media influencer declared that she knew her family would love him and described their introduction as an “easy” one.   The statements of Lori Harvey can be validated by Steve Harvey. He made mention of his stepdaughter’s relationship on his radio show. In addition, the legendary comedian stated his approval of Michael B. Jordan, confessing that he “likes” him. However, Harvey warned that although he may both like and approve of their relationship, he still possesses a “thumb-size section of my heart filled with nothing but pure hatred” for the actor, just in case I need it.

As time went on, Steve Harvey’s praises for Michael B. Jordan continued. Harvey would describe him as “sincere” and “kind” in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. But while much of their relationship has played out in public via pictures, a recent one did not happen to catch Steve Harvey’s radar. That is, until now.  During a recent appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show, the talk show host reveals a photo with his stepdaughter sitting atop Michael B. Jordan’s lap. Upon seeing the image, the comedian gets visibly shaken as he states that he’s uncomfortable. “I’m not really feeling that picture,” the comedian said.

During the interview, Harvey also talked about Michael B. Jordan spending his second Christmas with the family and being a great gift giver. When asked about his feeling about their relationship the King Of Comedy stated, “I’m pulling for him, but at the same time, I got my eye on him.” I can’t woop him, but if he ever turn around I’mma knock [him out].”

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