Stevie J Accused Of Stealing Mercedes Benz From Wife Faith Evan While Sleeping

Stevie J and Faith Evans union continues to dissolve.

The separated couple have been working their way towards divorce for several months now. Despite being spotted together for her son’s birthday, Stevie was back in the streets only days later, smooching with a mystery lady. Now he’s reportedly made off with Evans’ car.

The super producer and R&B vocalist decided to take a chance on love after years of friendship. What has resulted has been as tumultuous as a season of Love & Hip-Hop. While trying to get the “I Remember” vocalist for alimony, it appears Stevie also made off with one of Faith’s cars.

Now she wants it back. In the latest court documents to hit the net, Stevie J “stole” Faith Evans Mercedes Sprinter Van to drive out to Coachella for the weekend. Evans reported the car stolen on April 12th.

Faith says she went to bed, and when she woke up, the car was gone. “The insurance policy does not cover [Stevie], and he is unauthorized to drive,” the motion states. Evans also asked that Stevie be banned from driving any of her other cars as well. This includes a 2020 Mercedes G Wagon and Chrysler Pacifica.

Stevie J just had to hire a new lawyer after his last one stepped away following an “irremediable breakdown.” Stevie is meanwhile promoting “something special” on his IG story, but it is unclear what it is related to. He appears to be in the studio and shows off some of Diddy’s bottles before it cuts to him on a backlot.

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