Stevie J and Faith Evans Reconciliation Short-Lived After Producer Accuses Singer Of Cheating

Things between Stevie J and Faith Evans aren’t looking any better. The couple has been in the news lately following recent reports that Stevie J filed for divorce from the R&B singer. While there was no reason for the filing listed, a video that has surfaced might have the answer. A clip showing Stevie J confronting Faith has now gone viral with claims of infidelity.

While the public has seen the love between former Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Stevie J and former Bad Boy recording artist Faith Evans, the couple’s ups and downs are taking center stage. After decades of friendship, they entered into a relationship that would be on and off for a few years. Finally, in 2018, TMZ broke the news of the couple’s nuptials that was held in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Throughout their marriage, the public has become privy to some tumultuous moments. In 2019, rumors began to arise that the “Love Like This” singer and Stevie J had broken up. Tweets from Stevie J’s Twitter account also appeared to hint at Faith Evans cheating on him. However, he would later claim that his account was hacked and that all was well within the Jordan household.

The rumors of trouble in Jordan paradise only persisted no matter how hard they tried to suggest that they were happy. Things escalated a year later when it was alleged that Faith Evans attacked Stevie J during an argument. TMZ reported the news of Evans being arrested and charged with a felony domestic dispute, along with reported scratches and “visible marks” on Stevie J’s face. Despite the incident, their love remained strong and the couple decided to work through their issues.

But it appeared that things were not able to be repaired. On November 8th. Stevie J filed a petition for a divorce in Los Angeles’s Superior Court. Although news broke of their divorce filing, it looked as though they were on the way to reconciling. Following news of the divorce filing and without either party giving any comments to the media, Faith Evans clips of the couple together at the beach.  “Get us free, bruh [Stevie J],” she exclaims in the caption.

The R&B singer posted another meme on Instagram with directions for those who were constantly in her business. “Did you know there are 3 places you can stay for free? ‘In your lane,’ ‘Out of my business,’ and ‘over there,'” the meme stated.

But the public was once again invited into their business after Stevie J apparently went on his Instagram Live to reveal an unfortunate moment that was meant to be private. In the video, the couple is seen arguing as Faith Evans is trying to apparently leave the room but Stevie J is blocking her. The R&B singer repeatedly asks Stevie J, “Please, leave me alone,” while also adding that she “hates” him. He continues to insult her by calling her out of her name and alleges that she was cheating on him with another man in their house.

See below for the video.

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